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Ein raud traktor på eit jorde.

One who benefits from the mild weather is farmer Austin Frederiksen in Tromoya in the municipality of Arendal. By the end of February, he had planted the first carrot seeds.

Before entering March, the carrot beds were covered with plastic. Even with forecast weather, conditions are good enough to make carrots crunchy for ginseng.

light and windy

season forecast from Climate future It shows that spring 2022 is expected to be milder than usual.

– This would apply across most of the country, says Eric Kolstad, a climate researcher at Norse and Bjerknessenteret.

How the weather will be, depends on what happens high above us, in the atmosphere and stratosphere. The researchers took a closer look at this.

– There is a strong wind that seems to hold. Thus, we’ll likely get a lot of the same weather we’ve seen since the New Year, says Kolstad.

Mild, humid and windy weather, so expect this spring.

Hurricane at a Hammer Party: On the night of February 28, homes shook, the stream disappeared and a trailer overturned on a bridge. – And as the photo shows inverted seats in the middle, bus shelters were destroyed, says Sonny Schumacher. According to climatologists, such weather did not end immediately.

Photo: Sony Schumacher

You don’t like what’s going on

Mild weather isn’t just good news. The United Nations Climate Panel has published a new report on climate change.

The atmosphere is based on doping, and dopa on fossil energy, says Petteri Taalas of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

The new UN report examines the consequences for humans and animals. There is no happy reading.

Throughout this fall, the Climate Commission reported that there is no longer any doubt that humans are changing the climate. You may have heard of it before, but we’re seeing more and more severe weather.

Una with gray clouds.

Beautiful, yet exciting: Storm clouds were thick over the Una lighthouse and the fishing village of More og Romsdal. The photo was taken at the end of February.

Photo: Liv Ann Overas

above 13 degrees

This past weekend in February, wool had to make way for lighter clothing at More og Romsdal. In Åndalsnes in the municipality of Rauma, 13.6 degrees were measured on Sunday.

The temperature was 12.8 degrees above normal, but still far from the record, says meteorologist Engfield Villa.

Spring is coming early and before that. Many cities in the country now have more spring days than before.

In addition, spring begins earlier and winter becomes shorter.

gets warmer

The average temperature has risen by one degree since 1900, and over the past fifteen years the temperature has increased by half a degree.

In addition, it rains 20 percent more than it did a hundred years ago.

But it doesn’t just look dark. Climate change also creates some opportunities. In Norway, a week of temperature provides better conditions for food production, because the growing season will be longer.

Towards the end of the century, growth will increase from one to three months depending on the scenario and city, according to Meteorological Institute.

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