Stal Solbakken, National Team | Stal Solbakkin was amazed: – Amazing

Stal Solbakken, National Team |  Stal Solbakkin was amazed: – Amazing

ULEVAAL STADION (Nettavisen): On behalf of Nettavisen, InFact asked the Norwegian people the following questions:

Should Ståle Solbakken be allowed to continue as national team manager?

Of the panel that has an opinion on the matter, three out of four believe the brave man should be allowed to continue as national team manager, despite Norway’s failure in the European Championship qualifiers, and in all likelihood, he should wave goodbye. To this summer’s qualifiers in Germany.

– These are astonishingly high numbers considering the situation we are living in, admits Stahl Solbakken when Netavsen confronts him with the results of the opinion poll.

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He feels like he has support

Norway is counting on Israel to reach the European Championship in 2024. The Israeli national team plays four (!) matches in nine days in November after several home matches were postponed as a result of the conflict with Palestine.

If Israel can advance in its group, Norway will have a playoff chance at the European Championship in March.

However, only one in four in the Netavisen poll believe Solbakken should be removed as president of Norway.

– It’s very fun, without considering it too formal, but I feel like we have a lot of support in what we do. “I fully realize that we did not reach the goals we set, but I feel that the fans, the players and the support staff are working together,” Solbaken says.

He says he faced a similar poll the day after the European Commission’s hopes were effectively dashed after losing to Spain in Ulval in September.

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At that time, it should have been 50/50.

– Do you think it’s amazingly high? That many trust you?

– This is a results industry, but I think many people see what we are doing and that we are on the right path. When there are so few games to go, those five minutes against Scotland will have huge consequences, and they did.

The survey was conducted by InFact AS on November 2, with 1,027 respondents. 37.6 percent think Solbakken should be allowed to continue, 12.8 percent think it should not be allowed to continue, but 49.6 percent say they don’t know.

This means that 75% of those with opinions believe that the national team coach should be allowed to continue in his position.

He meets the Faroe Islands in a special international match

Solbakken and Norway will meet the Faroe Islands in a special international match on Thursday, November 16.

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The match was supposed to be a warm-up to the clean group final against Scotland at Hampton Park on November 19, but the Norwegian’s last-minute collapse against the Scots at Ulvalle Stadium makes the match insignificant in terms of points as Scotland are already ready. For next year’s European Championship.

Follow the match against the Faroe Islands on our live center starting Thursday at 18:00!

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