Star shot Niels Laros beats Jakob Ingebrigtsen records – gets clear recommendations – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Star shot Niels Laros beats Jakob Ingebrigtsen records – gets clear recommendations – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– I love winning, Nils LaRose smiles for NRK. He had a good training against the Norwegian opposition at U18 EC this summer in Jerusalem.

Promising Dutchman Andreas Fjeld Halvorsen (17) showed EC silver in the 1500 and 3000 metres. When he spoke to NRK, he was one of the three nominees for Young Athlete of the Year in Europe after solid gold medals at the tournament this summer.

The coronation achievement is the latest European record at the same distances:

  • 1500 meters: 3.39.46 minutes
  • 3000m: 7.48.25 minutes

Rose Ingebrigtsen

Comparative Jacob Ingbrigtsen ran the 1500m in 3.39.92 and the 3000m in 8.00.01 in the 3000m when he was the same age. The previous U18 record for 3,000 meters belonged to East German Hansjörg Kunze and held the full 47 years.

It’s a huge motivation to beat one of the greatest athletes of our time. He’s an idol because he’s a great athlete of a great level, despite his young age, says LaRose that he runs faster than a Norwegian in the same age group.

There is great respect for what they have achieved at Sundance. It is Jacob Ingbrigtsen and marathon king Eliud Kipchoge who have been presented as role models.

The Kenyan recently improved the world record by more than 42,195 meters and gave advice to the young man: “Follow the path that the coach has set for you.”

Perhaps it is not stupid that the name is Thomas Lewandowski. The Pole, among others, coached his brother, Marcin Lewandowski, for a number of years. The latter was known to be a venomous attacker and a powerful tactician, and he proved it when he won the bronze medal against 19-year-old Jacob Ingbrigtsen in WC in 2019.

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The success of the 17-year-old is tied to the fact that he has remained injury-free and trained problem-free over time. Since he was eleven years old, he has specially trained to be the best. He thought his potential was greater at 1500 and 5000 metres, but he surprised himself with an unofficial 1.46.3 at 800 metres.

Jacob Ingbergsen: – It is by no means impossible

Now the difficult task of the hitherto successful young man begins. For the step from beginner to gold-bearer, there are very few who can handle it.

There are many people who can be good at things when they are young, which is a very good starting point, but there is a matter of developing it further. Not least creating development and progress, Jakob Ingebrigtsen tells NRK after first jumping over the finish line at the Pink Ribbon Race in Oslo.


BRØDRE-TRIPPLE: Henrik (left), Jakob and Filip Ingebrigtsen lined up at the Pink Ribbon in Oslo.

Photo: Frederic Tombra/NRK

With Olympic gold, a WC gold, a WC silver and four European Championship golds, to name a few, he naturally knows what he’s talking about.

– It’s by no means impossible, but you really have to see it in a system and be smart, says Jakob Ingebrigtsen about key factors – and continues:

– I hope they have a good plan for how to develop talent further.

Rodal Tip: Drop 800m

NRK expert Vebjørn Rodal believes the youngster will have great success growing distances from 1,500m and above in the next few years. Not least because the method used by the Ingbrigtsen brothers has almost set a new standard for how to train for the 1,500 metres.

– Then it also gives you space to run quickly at 3000 and 5000 metres as well. Rodal says the difference between 800m and 1500m is quite noticeable, and he believes that several distances can also contribute to inspiration and motivation.


NRK EXPERT: Vebjørn Rodal.

Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Tronder points to continuity as the most important success factor going forward.

When you run that fast, you’ve done a lot right. It is a matter of persistence and development, and not making excessively large strides.

But he’s not sure if he’s actually better than Jacob of the same age.

– It may not be that Jakob achieved maximum results at all distances, says the Olympic champion in the 800 meters from 1996.

It ends in the terrain

If Lewandowski’s plan works, it won’t be long before they are seen racing against each other. Laros’ next major competition will be the EC cross-country race in Turin in December. The Dutchman is competing in the U20 class.

Now the next big competition is EC in the cross-country race in December, where Laros will compete in the U20 class.

Next season, the U20 EC Championship awaits in Romania, and Jakob Ingebrigtsen has been a hit in the past. When he was 16 years old, he won gold in the 3000m hurdles and 5000m hurdles.

note! Malin Holsven (800m) and Bastian Elnan Ørstad (400m hurdles) won gold at the U18 EC this summer, while Andreas Feild Halvorsen (1500m and 3000m) and the Norwegian relay team took the silver.

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