Starks servit holt punkt gegen die AS ROM

Starks servit holt punkt gegen die AS ROM

Servet is convinced to die AS Rom.Image: Cornerstone

Servet earned a coveted point against Roma in the penultimate round of the Europa League group stage with a 1:1 draw and spent the winter as Dieter’s group in the Conference League.

11/30/2023, 22:5511/30/2023, 23:07

Wie schon beim 0:4 at Hinspiel in Rome Belgian Romelu Lukaku opened in Geneva in the 21st minute from Torreigen. One of Diego Llorentes’ companions was The Stossstürmer, who alone joined Jennifer Teediger in his area and whose arena turned into his teammate. For Lukaku War is a fun game by the best Treffer.

And also today, October 17, 2017, as the general manager in the room in the city has a large number of new items, which are available for more information and in the public domain in the same year. The deserved equalizer was scored by Chris Bedia kurz nach dem Seitenwechsel respectively by Stellungsfehler von Bryan Cristante. Der Romer Captain Unterlief eine Flank von Miroslav Stefanovic. Bedia, in der ersten Halbzeit noch ohne Einfluss auf das Genfer Spiel gewesen, behielt Ruhe und Übersicht and schob den Ball dem Herauseilenden Mile Svilar zwischen den Benen backing into Tor.

The game has been unleashed at Ordnung, and while Romer is dying from the sparkling flame, in person, Lukaku and Paulo Dybala are shining in the best position.

Vor der Letzten Runde in der Gruppe G It is already clear that Servette has no chance of reaching the first arena. Then in the other part of Sharif Tiraspol when Slavia attacked Prague 2:3, none of them survived more than Rang Verdrang Werden. So Rene Weiler’s überwintert team is European – something the Westschweizern team last did 22 years ago. I Frühling griftservette in the Sechzehntel finals in the Conference League ein. Derweil machine die Roma and Slavia Prague im Fernduell den Gruppsieg untereinander aus.

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Servite – Roma 1:1 (0:1)
28,534 viewers. – S. R. Stefanski (POL).
bull: 21. Lukaku 0:1. 50. Pedia 1:1.
napkin: grits; Baron (96. Vueloz), Severin, Rouillier, Tsunemoto; Pola (68. Antonis), Ondoa, Cognat (81. Depa), Stefanovic; Bedia (81. Touati), Kutesa (68. Guelminot).
Club of Rome: sleeping; N’Dika, Cristante, Llorente; El Shaarawy (74. Spinazzola), Bove (81. Belotti), Paredes, Aouar (55. Pellegrini), Celique; Lukaku, Dybala (81. Sanchez).
Note: Servet Ony Crivelli, Dolin, Mol, and Maziko (all injured).
Warning: 44. Similar. 66. Christanti. 75. Anton. 84.Royler. 92. Ndika. 96. Spinazzola. (Abu/Sda)

The Swiss Grand Cup in the European Football Cup


The Swiss Grand Cup in the European Football Cup

Season 2022/23: Der FC Basel will beat Rückspiel in Nizza 2:1 after extra time and stand in the Conference League semi-final. There was a failure against Fiorentina, who scored the decisive goal shortly before them.

Source: Keystone/Peter Klaunzer

Schiffsachi: Keine Fussball-Fans im Büro, please!

Video: Watson

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