Starlink reverses restrictions – ITavisen

Starlink reverses restrictions – ITavisen

A Norwegian native in Montana advised us something nice for Starlink customers: The service drops the 1TB limit.

Cut fortifications

The customer was told that the Starlink subscription “remains unlimited and does not de-prioritize after 1 TB of data usage,” the email sent Wednesday said. This is after we announced the restrictions in November last year:

This is why SpaceX has now issued restrictions, first in the US and Canada, that cap the maximum speed for customers using more than 1TB of priority speed per month – this applies when there is the most traffic from December onwards.

Specifically, it works like this: the system monitors the amount of traffic you consume from 07:00 to 23:00. If you use more than 1TB, you will be taken to a basic data plan where you are not given priority when the network is heavily loaded. This will apply up to the current pay period. You can pay for higher speed if you’ve used up your quota for 25 cents per gigabyte, which is roughly NOK 2.60.

Switch between subscribers in a browser or application

At the same time, the company is announcing a new functionality that makes it easier to change subscriptions in the account portal or via the Starlink app – there are three to choose from:

  • Standard for normal home use (your existing service plan)
  • Priority for companies and other users with high demand
  • Mobile phone for mobile use on the ground, eg mobile homes and camping
  • Mobile priority for the marine sector, on the go and mobile phone use is in high demand
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