Heidi Klum criticizes again: – It’s sad

Heidi Klum criticizes again: – It’s sad

Last year, German model Heidi Klum, 49, caused a storm when she and her daughter Helen Klum, 19, aka Lenny, posed for a photoshoot for lingerie brand Intimissimi.

Many criticized Klum for participating in a lingerie campaign with her daughter.

Create a storm

Synnøve Skarbø (52) was among those who reacted strongly to the photos, on the podcast with Vanessa Rudyjord (46). Among other things, she was reacting to the 18-year-old’s breast size.

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Klum herself kept quiet about the criticism, while Lenny eventually broke her silence about the controversial photos.

– Honestly, I didn’t see much reaction. I am very happy with the campaign and had a wonderful day with my mum. “I think the photos were great and we had a great time,” she added Page six.

Despite last year’s criticism, mother and daughter were once again seen posing with the same brand of underwear.

The model shared unexposed photos

The model shared unexposed photos

Since last year, Klum and her daughter have served as ambassadors for Intimissimi. On Friday, a new photo of the two of them together in connection with a new campaign, was shared on the lingerie brand’s Instagram.

“Great style runs in the family” is written under the photo.

The 49-year-old and the 19-year-old also shared the lingerie photo on their Instagram accounts.

Now Klum is again being criticized for wearing scantily clad clothes with her daughter. On social media, the campaign is referred to as “sad”, among other things.

Since sharing the photo, Klum has turned off comments on all of her Instagram posts. according to independent is the background to the criticism the picture has received.

“I would not be proud to display my daughter like this. I would be embarrassed and sad,” one person writes in the comments section.

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“This is sad. A shame,” writes another, while a third adds:

“Esh, what a mother wants to put her daughter in a bra and panties for the world to see”

“First thing I think when I want to put on my underwear: Mom has to be here!” wrote a sarcastic fourth.

Therefore, one part of the body is more expensive

Therefore, one part of the body is more expensive

Despite the criticism, there are many in the comments section who view the new campaign positively.

Someone took to the comments section to defend the photos: “It’s 2023. She’s young. Not a baby. They’re beautiful, and a very close, loving family. I’d like to have such a beautiful, loving mom like her.”

Another wrote, “Oh my God Heidi Klum, I am so in love!”

A third woman commented, “Two beautiful, healthy women.”

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