Steinar Sagen, Lillehammer | Fans react to the streaming service’s decision: – They should keep it

Steinar Sagen, Lillehammer |  Fans react to the streaming service's decision: - They should keep it

Netflix’s drama “Lilyhammer” has received a lot of attention after its premiere ten years ago this year, and is quickly becoming a fan favorite in Norway and abroad.

Viewer’s success was also Netflix’s first special production, known as “Netflix Original”. However, on the occasion of the TV series’ 10th anniversary, it appears that Netflix is ​​now removing the popular drama series. On November 20, it disappears from the streaming service.

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Several people interact with it, including lead actor Stephen Van Zandt (70), better known as Little Stephen, as well as the loyal fan base of “Lilyhammer”.

Feedback from all over the world

There is no doubt that the Netflix series has meant a lot to many. When Van Zandt shared the message in a Facebook post on Tuesday, it didn’t take long for reactions to pour in in the comments section.

– I’m not sure, but it looks like “Lilyhammer” is about to disappear from Netflix, which was their first series, on November 20. What a birthday gift! Congratulations, he writes, among other things, and asks those who have not watched the series or would like to watch it again to take advantage of the opportunity now.

Within two hours, more than 1,000 fans left a comment thanking the actor, who also co-wrote the script, for a great series.

– That’s a great show, such good acting and acting! I’ve seen the series many times. They should only keep it for historical purposes! The first Netflix original series to stream, someone writes in the comment field.

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Another wrote that it is a shame to lose such a successful program, and that he does not understand companies that do not care about their “history”.

One American fan notes that the series helped the family form strong bonds with their cousins ​​in Norway:

– I like this show. There is a group of us who would love to watch it and talk to our Norwegian cousins ​​in Norway about it. Help us relate to each other.

So far, Nettavisen has been unable to get a hold of why Netflix removed “Lilyhammer” on its 10th anniversary.

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– very sad

Comedian and actor Steinar Sagen played Roar Lien in the Song series. He also got the sad news when Nettavisen called.

Like many others, he also thinks it’s a shame that “Lilyhammer” is now gone from Netflix.

– It is very sad to be taken. When Netflix and these other streaming platforms came out, I thought it would be nice to now have an archive where we can always go back and look at previous things that were done. It is clearly not the case, he tells Netavizen.

The story reveals that he constantly watches the series to get a little flashback.

I look at it occasionally to see if it holds up, and I think it happened, he says and adds that he hopes the TV series will come back at some point.

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That would make more seasons

There is no doubt that the series has meant a lot to many after reading all the reactions left under Van Zandts’ Facebook post.

Van Zandt played Frank Tagliano, who was a New York gangster. He travels to Lillehammer, Norway, to hide in the countryside after testifying against his former co-workers.

He visited Norway several times after recording the series. In 2021, he said in an interview that he was open to producing a fourth season of the Netflix series.

– I think the series has just begun. “I’d like to do more ‘Lillehammer’,” he added. TV 2.

The actor also believes that Norway has always been a mystery to the rest of the world, which he believes was also part of the reason why it gets so much attention.

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