Stella Zwart: – A famous stunt daughter in a big movie

Stella Zwart: - A famous stunt daughter in a big movie

VINTERBRO (Dagbladet): – Tonight we are filming in the Nordby Tunnel. It’s a very long tunnel, so you can finish whatever you have to do before you head out again.

Dagbladet works with director Harald Zwart (56) and his producer wife Veslemøy Zwart (54). Hollywood has once again been replaced by Fredrikstad’s hometown – and again the baby, “Lange Flate Ballær”, is the one eating most of the time for the couple.

good mood: Screenwriters Pål Sparre-Enger, Stella Zwart and Dad Harald Zwart smiled and laughed before 16-year-old Stella got to work this weekend. Photo: Kristen Sforte / Dagbladet
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Zwart has done everything from “Hamilton” to “One Night at McCool’s.” He has done “Agent Cody Banks”, “The Pink Panther 2” and “Karate Kid”, and has worked with stars such as Liv Tyler, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas, Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.

Nevertheless, he continued to return to his roots – to great applause from locals not far from the Swedish border.

In 2006, the first film appeared about the six men at EdGarasjen’s workshop in Fredrikstad, who traveled on a boys’ trip to the World Cup in Germany without their ladies. Two years later, in 2008, the sequel came, while now, just over 13 years later, the third film in the Zwart project comes.

The daughter does a stunt in the car

Back to the start: Dagbladet is involved in filming at Vinterbro in Akershus in Viken County, where 50-60 people work hard to make a scene in the 3,850-meter Nordby Tunnel – which has been blocked off overnight for director Zwart and the film crew will get some Stunning drive-by scenes – true Hollywood style. At least approx.

Popular Gang: Youth Returns
Popular gang: The Flat Long Ball guys are back in a new movie. Here is a scene from the first movie. Photo: Web movie
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But not only that: the main character this evening is none other than Stella Zwart (16 years old), the daughter of Harald and Veselmoy.

– Should we expect drama, Harald?

– Ha ha, it’s mostly a joke, a bit in the country of Indiana Jones. This went well, but it probably didn’t go so well anyway. Fortunately, we have people with us who know what they’re doing. I can’t say much about what’s going on here, except that a 16-year-old girl is going to “ski puke” inside the tunnel, Zwart tells Dagbladet in the minutes before the stunt begins.

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– You’re referring to your daughter Stella?

– Yes. It’s not she who does the trick herself, but we want her to look like she’s doing it, says the seasoned director with a laugh.

– very happy

Stella plays Mai in “Lange Flate Ballær 3”. But this is not the first time she has appeared on screen.

She made her first ever appearance in the first movie “Long Flat Baller” – as a newborn baby. In the sequel, she was between two and three years old, while she is now “apparently” doing a car stunt when she was 16 in the third movie.

Mother and daughter: Stella and Viselmoy Zwart have a very close relationship, which became apparent during the shooting of the weekend.  Photo: Peter Grindahl
the mother and her daughter: Stella and Veslemøy Zwart have a very close relationship, which became clear during the shooting of the weekend. Photo: Peter Grindahl
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Neither of us thought it would be a third movie, so I probably turned it down. We couldn’t pick anyone else either, because Stella was in the first two movies. We are so glad she thinks it’s as fun as we are, says Father Zwart.

He will be behind the camera

But Stella not only appeared in her father’s business. Among other things, she played a major role in the NRK Super series “Puberty Fight”, which was shown on the screen in late 2020.

– Have you decided to become an actress now?

– No, she’s very good and she thinks it’s fun. But I think she’d rather be behind the camera, says the director.

ON THE SET: Stella Zwart in place while filming a movie
on my way: Stella Zwart in place during the filming of the third “Long Flat Balls” movie. Photo: Kristen Sforte / Dagbladet
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His wife, Veslimoy, who also worked as a producer on the first two “Long Flat Balls” films, believes the daughter makes Mie with all her soul — even though she might not be an actress she really wants.

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– Stella says she knows Mai. And then you’re Mi when you play Mi. It’s good to see that she has such ownership for this role. There was a period when she wondered if she wanted to be an actress, but now she sees a lot of things in film and television and is thinking about going another route.

– Mother’s calm

The production of “Lange Flate Ballær” has been working day and night in recent weeks to make all the necessary recordings, which will run for several weeks. And the trick Stella was involved with was just perfect, according to the Zwart couple.

In action: Harald Zwart directs during recording.  Photo: Peter Grindahl
at work: Harald Zwart directs during the recording. Photo: Peter Grindahl
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Fortunately, everyone came off the Friday stunt while also staying healthy.

– We’ve been through it very well. Thanks to the super professional Norwegian drivers and Danish games coordinator, whom I have worked with at Hamilton for the past 20 years. And Graarud’s transfer, she was absolutely fantastic. They think it’s incredibly fun when everything works out as it has so far.

– Stella seemed quite calm along the way too?

– Yes, she is calm for her mother, I think. The Hollywood director says, no matter how much she burns on dass, she’s perfectly measured and calm.

– Not much difference

Lange Flate Ballær 2 has received a lot of attention in the press and experienced Very good weekend visitor numbers for the first time in 2008. However, the visitor numbers in themselves are not the most important of all, says Harald Zwart, his wife Veslimoy’s right-hand man.

Perhaps the goal is to preserve DNA in this universe. How can we take the characters and stories further – what do people identify with. Then good or bad visitor numbers follow. The most important thing for us is to focus on what we are going to do and get the best out of it. These are everyday problems. She says with a smile that every day is a struggle.

After slaughter: In Harald Zwart’s new Netflix series, the vampire is loose in Skarnes. Watch the trailer
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– What is the difference between Hollywood and the recording of “Long Flat Baller” in his hometown, Harald?

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– From a purely cinematic point of view, you do the same. When we did Karate Kid we had about 500 people on the staff. Hence it is difficult to change the location because 30 buses are already parked. Otherwise, there isn’t much difference, really.

Many involved: The production still doesn't quite match the scale of a classic Hollywood, according to Harald Tzoart.  Photo: Kristen Sforte / Dagbladet
Many participants: However, the production is not on the classic Hollywood scale, according to Harald Zwart. Photo: Kristen Sforte / Dagbladet
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In the first two films, many celebrities appeared, including Don Johnson, Jose Mourinho, not least the late Ari Behn. This time around, pop star Samantha Fox is the big draw.

On Friday, it also became known that Harald Rønneberg and Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen are among the film’s cast.

The whole family is involved

In addition to Stella, Harald and Veslemøy Zwart also have a son, Zander (19), who studies automotive design. He also participates in the group in “Long Flat Balls 3”.

– Perhaps it is something that everyone dreams of: to get all the children to work – as before, where the family worked together. Harald and Viselmoy Zwart think it’s now common to be scattered by all the wind, who also reveal that “sexy woman” Stella is now considering film school in New York.

– but the other day she wondered a little what she should be doing in terms of jobs etc. Saying she doesn’t know people in the film industry, Harald Zwart chuckles to Dagbladet.

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