Stokke, Unge Venstre | Geothermal energy – the ideal energy for Norway?

Stokke, Unge Venstre |  Geothermal energy - the ideal energy for Norway?

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On the one hand, the new Russian aggression led to the desire for independence from Russian energy. We also need more energy because a large percentage of the people in the world are on their way out of extreme poverty and need access to cheap energy. At the same time, the world’s demand for energy is increasing due to ever faster technological progress.

On the other hand, the world is getting warmer, and the signs of danger have never been more clear than that drastic steps are needed to combat the potentially catastrophic consequences of global warming.

So is there a way to produce energy that is cheap, reliable, renewable, and also environmentally friendly?

Yes, and fortunately Norway is uniquely positioned to make better use of a very promising energy source.

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Earth temperature

Geothermal energy is created by mining the heat of the Earth to boil a liquid that then drives a turbine that generates electricity.

To reach this heat, it must be dug into the ground. Norway is the world’s leading expert in well drilling. Herein lies our opportunity. Instead of breaking up the oil industry, we can start drilling for heat instead of oil.

If we use the oil industry infrastructure, manpower, technology and expertise that Norway has to drill wells, we can start a new energy industry on the back of our old industry.

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We will be able to save you incredible costs. At the same time we are creating a new source of income for Norway. This is how we can combine environmentally friendly choices with good financial choices.

Iceland has now been a world leader in geothermal energy for several years, which now accounts for up to 66 percent of all energy used by Iceland. Iceland is lucky when it comes to geothermal energy. Since there is a lot of volcanic activity in Iceland, this means that geothermal energy is close to the surface and is very easy to tap into. Norway does not have easy access to geothermal heat, but we have the experience and industry to mine for it.

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Norway’s responsibility

Because of the obvious catastrophic consequences of continuing to produce our energy with fossil fuels, we need to search for other alternative energy sources to tackle global warming.

Norway, an energy exporter that has become rich in oil sales, has a definite responsibility to the world to make good choices for future generations. Therefore, priority should be given to geothermal energy research and development. Since Norway has a national oil industry, we have the opportunity to make this choice and implement it quickly.

Since we first discovered oil in the North Sea in 1969, oil has been Norway’s main source of income. After the founding of Statoil, Norwegian politicians made a wise and admirable choice by providing most of the oil revenue to future generations of Norwegians through the Petroleum Fund. Long-term choice is always an admirable thing in politics.

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No need to start from scratch

Now it’s our turn to make a long-term choice, to think about what will be best for future generations. So let’s choose the most efficient, profitable and ethical way Norway can switch to renewable energy. That is, by transforming an already existing well drilling industry that is now focused on oil exploration, into an industry that drills geothermal.

In this way, we will not have to start a new energy sector, we will be able to create many of the jobs that exist in the oil sector, and we will be able to build on our already existing experience in drilling wells.

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Norway has been very fortunate with the discovery of oil, and now we have the opportunity once again to benefit from our advanced petroleum technology by using it to start the next energy chapter in Norway’s history. If we are to make environmentally friendly and economical wise choices, geothermal energy appears to be a great alternative.

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