Storm, drizzle, thunder and snow

Storm, drizzle, thunder and snow

The new year begins with harsh weather and moderate temperatures for the season. Most parts of the country will experience more weather in the coming week.

– A strong low pressure area dominating the Norwegian Sea over the next 24 hours. StormGeo, a meteorologist working on TV 2 in Roar Teigen, says moderate winds are blowing in southern Norway and the Norland.

There is not much pressure on the view, so the weather will change next week.

– Kufnt

– There will be plenty of wind in the Northlands, Drums and Finmark on Sunday. Where exposed, wind storms can reach strength. Combined with the minus degrees, it would be very disgusting, says DeGeneres.

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued an orange alert Northland Saturday night and Drums Sunday morning.

Strong winds of 27-35 meters per second are possible.

– Attach loose items and drive carefully, they warn.

– Go home from the Christmas holidays on Saturday

Due to the expected strong winds, people are encouraged to go home from the Christmas holidays on Saturday and do not wait until Sunday.

– There is a great risk that many mountain roads and bridges will be closed and boats will be canceled, says Synnøve Lukkassen, traffic operator for Vegtrafiksentralen North NTB.

Strong winds are expected to last through Sunday, where there will be winds at midnight.

– We already encourage people to go home from the Christmas holidays on Saturdays. At the same time, Lucassen says you should not drive unless you need to get out.

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Bring warm clothes, food and drink

Orange warnings of significant avalanche danger have also been issued in most parts of the country. Fresh snow, flaky avalanches and wet snow can lead to avalanche risk, and people are being asked to avoid avalanche terrain.

– If you have to drive, Lukashen says it’s best to carry warm clothes, food and drinks and other equipment you need if you get stuck, stressing that it may take a long time for you to get home. One has to stand firm.

He says it might be a good idea to bring a shovel and reflective underwear.

– For example, if something comes down on the E6, it is important that you do not get out of the car, but you drive the emergency light, call for help and wait in the car. People can be cut down by bulldozers who don’t see it, she says.

There is a risk of frost in some parts of eastern Norway. Stock Photo: Derje Peterson / NTP Scanfix Photo: Derje Federson

In southern Norway there will be both rain and hurricanes in the west, and some thundershowers. In the east it is somewhat cold, but it can rain in both showers and drizzle.

– In the new year the temperature will continue to be moderate for a few days, but gradually the next week the temperature will drop, but it will not be too cold, Degen says.

– Beware of freezing rain

In some places in eastern Norway there may be rain and snow that freeze to the ground and create a difficult driving environment.

– It is a danger in a small interior, perhaps towards Gardermoen. Then it’s very slippery, especially on Mondays, so you have to be careful if you go out to drive, says DeGeneres.

The Norwegian ski resort may be filled with snow next week.  Stock Photo: Lise serud / NTB

The Norwegian ski resort may be filled with snow next week. Stock Photo: Lise serud / NTB Photo: Lise serud

On Tuesday and Wednesday it will gradually cool, especially in the east, but it is not yet cold January weather.

Snow in the mountains

However, this may be good news for skaters.

– The mountains have a good chance of being refilled with snow, so this would be good news for ski resorts and those who love the sport of skiing, says Degen.

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