Storr spoke with the Iranian president. He expressed his deep concern.

Storr spoke with the Iranian president.  He expressed his deep concern.

Jonas Jar Store had a telephone conversation with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday afternoon.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store is concerned about the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Aftenposten contacted the Prime Minister’s Office about the conversation on Saturday morning. In a press release sent to Aftenposten newspaper, Store says he expressed deep concern about the increasing level of tension in the region.

The message stated that the conversation came within the framework of Norway’s communications with various countries and parties in the Middle East.

Storr stressed the need to avoid escalation of the conflict. He urged Iran to help prevent this from happening. Iran is considered a close supporter of Hamas.

The press release stated, “Storr expressed his deep concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the situation of civilians as a result of the war and the shortages of food, medicine, and fuel.”

– Norway supports a humanitarian pause. The humanitarian needs are very great, Storr said.

Jerusalem Post Citing what they call pro-regime media in Iran. The IRA president was quoted as saying that he was happy with Norway’s support for the ceasefire in Gaza, according to the Israeli newspaper.

The Iranian president is said to have expressed the same regarding recent statements made by Justice Minister Emilie Inger-Mell (SP). She said that upon request, Norway would contribute to the investigation of possible war crimes in Gaza and Israel.

Iranian media is said to have focused on a possible investigation into the Israeli war, and not into the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7.

A close supporter of Hamas

Iran is considered a close supporter of Hamas.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh recently met with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Tehran, Reuters writes. They referred to statements made by Osama Hadman, a senior Hamas representative.

According to SMK, Storr was clear that Norway condemned Hamas’ terrorist attack on civilians on October 7.

“Israel has a clear right to defend itself, and Norway has emphasized the proportionality requirement of humanitarian law and the need to protect civilians. The hostages must be released and foreign nationals must be released from Gaza,” Storr said.

Storr also addressed the human rights situation in Iran. This was particularly relevant to issues relating to freedom of expression and women’s rights.

It is believed that Israel is violating humanitarian law

Storr has gone further than most other Western heads of state in his criticism of Israel. He told NRK last weekend that he believes Israel is violating the rules of war and humanitarian law in the war in Gaza.

– I believe the parties have not done enough to comply with the duty to protect civilians under humanitarian law, Storr later told Aftenposten newspaper.

The international law of war requires that civilian losses should not be disproportionately large compared to the military benefits of the attack.

Storr stressed that the terrorist attack launched by Hamas on Israel was a clear violation of the international law of war.

It also recognizes Israel’s right to self-defense, but stresses that parties must distinguish between military targets and civilians.

Storr said: – Attacks on hospitals, health workers and civilian infrastructure and preventing access to vital goods through a complete blockade are not permitted under humanitarian law.

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