Subwoolfer Suffers With Solo Follow – VG

Subwoolfer Suffers With Solo Follow - VG
In a new suit: But so far, the black Subwoolfer has made a much better impression than the pink Subwoolfer.

“Give That Wolf a Banana” is living a good life after Eurovision. The new song of the Melodi Grand Prix winners so far ranks 97th on Spotify’s Norwegian list for its show.


On July 1, Subwoolfer released the follow-up to the popular Banana Song.

This time with peaches as the thematic fruit, and the title song is “Melocoton (Donka Dunk Song)”.

So far, the song has not set the world on fire. Strictly speaking, she did not take off in her homeland either.

After its first day in the market, it reached the 97th place in Spotify daily update List of assassinations for Norway.

Then it sank like a rock, leaving the 200-song chart after July 10, with just over eight thousand plays on that date.

By comparison, the top single on the list on the same day had 124,000.

The movie “Give this wolf a banana” went to fourth place VG . menuOfficial Norway targeting list. “Melocoton (Donka’s Song)” didn’t even come close to getting there.

The hit Banana will soon have 24 million plays from Spotify – while “Melocoton (Donka’s Song)” still has a long way to go to reach its first million: 787,000 plays.

Delayed: Subwoolfer and Carl Henrik Wahl.

I wouldn’t call it a failure, says Karl Henrik Wahl – Subwoolfer translator, spokesperson and mastermind.

There was a very magical amount of comments, thousands from all over the world. And so we have now called “Donka Dunk Dance” on TikTok and Instagram.

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Wahl admits, however, that they would have liked to have a one-on-one following in the market earlier, because, he says, key people in the industry have taken their summer vacation when it matters.

– The song was released too late regarding getting any help from Spotify and radio editors. Depending on the circumstances, it probably went as expected.

According to Wahl, the plan was to release “Melocoton (Donka’s Song)” at least two or three weeks in advance.

– We should have made this more complete during Eurovision, but we didn’t make it.

– good results

Artist and Music Reference Director Marie Commissar at Universal’s Subwoolfer notes that Melocoton (Donka’s song) is expected “to do somewhat worse than its predecessor, given that there is no Eurovision behind it.”

The Universal and Subwoolfer team are motivated to long-term work with something many consider novelty and one-off, and to continually build their own platforms, Komissar writes in a text message to VG.

– If you compare this to the other editions of this year’s Eurovision artists, you should note that it does quite well.

VG considered follow-up versions of artists who ended up at roughly the same level as Subwoolfer at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Dutch S10, who finished right behind Subwoolfer with “De Diepte” in 11th place, has somewhat similar numbers to Subwoolfer in the follow-up song. The S10’s “Laat Me Los” came out a week later, and now has 662,000 on Spotify.

Most played: Mahmoud and Blanco, Italy.

Norwegian-Greek Amanda Tenfuord, who represented Greece and ranked eighth, has so far had to make do with 124,000 plays from Spotify for “All In,” which was released a week before Subwoolfer’s new single.

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Blanco, half of the duo Mahmoud and Blanco who climbed Italy to sixth place with the song “Brividi”, for his part earned 16 million on Spotify from the single “Nostalgia”, which was released on June 2.

“Brividi” is also the big winner this year with ESC songs; You recently crossed 100 million on Spotify.

TIX to the top with a sequel

So Subwoolfer’s new song should run without both MGP and ESC, and all the media coverage and SoMe activity that necessitates.

For the last two Norwegian ESC finalists, the sequel to the MGP-winning songs were as follows:

In 2019, KEiiNO followed up on “Spirit In The Sky” with a cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper “Shallow”.

“Spirit In The Sky” has 41 million plays on Spotify and took the number one spot on the VG chart.

The “shallow” cap has 14.5 million. The first song KEiiNO wrote after ESC, “Praying”, has three million.

Neither of these things made it into the VG menu; Stream metals have been processed over a long period of time. Only Norwegian shows are counted on the VG listing. KEiiNO told VG that one in four of their plays on Spotify are from their home country.

TIX has a total of 39.3 million plays from the 2021 “Fallen Angel” contribution and the Norwegian variant “Ut av mørket”. Those went to second and first place respectively on VG’s list.

The second part of the movie “Engel, nik dra” contains 9.2 million. It also topped the list for VG – something TIX did many times before participating in MGP.

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(2020 MGP winner Ulrikke Brandstorp has never participated in ESC since the competition was canceled as a result of the pandemic.)

human mask fall

According to the Twitter account Eurovision Charts It’s “Give That Wolf A Banana” and is now the eighth most streamed ESC 2022 song globally – that is, it’s more popular with listeners than it finished 10th in the final.

—The song was a great start to Subwoolfer’s journey and gave us a solid foundation to build an international fan base on, says Marie Komisar of Universal, who points to TikTok where Subwoolfer has 555,000 followers, among other things.

– It’s nice to see that we are able to assert ourselves. It’s clearly a song that people can listen to over and over again, says Carl Henrik Wahl.

War and ESC: Ukraine won this year’s Eurovision. Here, the Ukrainian Army in Kyiv watches the Subwoolfer perform during the final on May 14.

He promises Subwoolfer won’t give up yet, and announces a new song in the fall and one before Christmas.

But what happens to reveal the identity of the wolves?

– We’re working on a mask drop, says Wall.

– There will probably be something there next year, probably.

  • note. Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song) got a slight boost here at home after Subwoolfer’s performance on “Allsang på Grensen” on TV 2 on Wednesday. At the time of writing, it is ranked 148th on the Norwegian daily Spotify list.

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