The red carpet by Wollmans | Celebrity-packed opening by Wallmans: ‘Skal vi danse’ fellow ‘Skal vi danse’ captured in defense

The red carpet by Wollmans |  Celebrity-packed opening by Wallmans: 'Skal vi danse' fellow 'Skal vi danse' captured in defense

Several celebrities have braved the fall weather to spend an entire evening at Wallmans.

Watch the full red carpet broadcast in the window below!

WALLMANS (Nettavisen): On Wednesday night, the red carpet was rolled out outside Wallmans in Oslo to mark the opening and premiere of this year’s show.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the cabaret club was somewhat closed to the public last year, and the first lucky ones who could enjoy an evening full with a four-course dinner and a show from the theater were not just one.

All-you-can-sleep celebs defy fall weather and appeared on the red carpet on Wednesday night.

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– terrible

Among the celebrities who made an appearance were Joachim Kelvin and Elaine Orgaster, who smoked “Skull VI Dancy”. Special When the former had to leave the dance show last weekend, the reactions shouldn’t be long in the future.

Some have also launched a personal attack on YouTuber Dennis Vareide and thought he should resign in favor of Kleven. It makes the main character react aggressively.

– what a shame. It’s entertainment, Kleven tells Nettavisen and gets help from Ørjasæter:

We are not the ones to decide who gets out.

Cleven adds that people have to relax, and Dennis is doing a great job.

– He’s a great guy, so it hurts a lot. So Dennis, I know I’m not in favor of this — it’s horrible, says Cleven.

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Artist Royane also agrees that criticizing Vareide would be very unfair.

– We weren’t able to fully enjoy our moment looking at what happened (Shock Exit to Cleven, Diary.), and then it was weird what happened to Dennis too. She told Netavisen he knew nothing of people’s preferences more than taking care of themselves.

On Tuesday, it became clear that Nils Kavalvik, a participant in the “Varmin” program, was forced to appear in courtAfter he and several other participants violated infection control rules with a party earlier this year.

– Incredibly difficult

Lenny Meister, who also made another trip to Wollmans, was related to her own TV show Where She Looks For The Prince of Dreams.

“I’m really looking forward to watching the show, I love the shows, the dancing, the dinner and the drinks – just being in the crowd,” says Meister, excited by Nettavisen.

About recording his dating show on Kragerø, the TV personality admitted that it happened.

It’s one of the hardest things I’ve been through, but I would never have lived without it.

About the party criticism: – Too stupid

Co-star Karianne Vilde Wølner appeared on the red carpet on Wednesday and is defending her co-stars in real life.

– I think he’s too stupid. We did a very good job, except for what the media wrote about. So I think it’s very unfortunate that they took things disproportionately, she tells NetVision

Wølner says they went to Finmark to be present at a charitable service with Thor Haavik.

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