Sundry Leseth’s Wild Years: – Suddenly my feet didn’t matter

Sundry Leseth’s Wild Years: – Suddenly my feet didn’t matter

December 12, 2021.

This was the last date Sondre Liseth played a match in Eliteserien. After 455 days, he started as captain of FKH again, losing 1-3 against Brann in the cup.

For my part, just playing football again is something for me, but when you’re there you often have the feeling that it’s sad to lose.

– But apparently it’s been several long months. I’m not going to lie, Liseth tells TV 2.

In action: Sondre Liseth in the last 16 final against Brann in the NM, 15 months after their last important match. Photo: Marius Simensen/Bilderbronn

– Damn bad luck

It started with an innocent jogging trip on holiday in Spain in January 2022.

– I went up and got a heavy twist on my feet. I jumped off a rock and they put a weight on top of me, which was bad luck, damn bad luck. It was a private injury.

Then a long process followed.

Injury to her ankle and foot put Liseth out of action for a long time, and after her back and forth with doctors and orthopedic surgeons, it was decided that the attacking player would have an operation.

Only five or six months after the trot.

– What was frustrating is that in the beginning you couldn’t go to the gym and train as hard as you could. I had to hold back and be patient, explains the 25-year-old.

disease in the family

However, something else was on the mind of a person from Bergen.

The 18-year-old younger sister fell seriously ill, which was also open on Hogesund’s Avis podcast “rescued”.

– How did it feel to be infected, and to receive that message as well?

– Then you get everything at once, and it’s hard. It changes focus and suddenly my feet or the football don’t matter. You gain perspective on things and realize that there are more important things than football.

Change: Sondre Liseth realized that football was unimportant in the big picture.  Photo: Marius Simensen/Bilderbronn

Change: Sondre Liseth realized that football was unimportant in the big picture. Photo: Marius Simensen/Bilderbronn

– You don’t have time to think too much, you just have to try to persevere. That’s what it’s all about, no matter how “bullshit,” says Leseth.

He does not want to go into detail about his sister’s illness, but says that after a few “wild runs” it will be fine.

– Many people go through difficult things, so it usually turns out well in the end, he smiles.

This is how Eliteserien, OBOS league and Toppserien are played on TV2

Julie Grindhage

FKH coach Jostein Grindhaug is delighted to have the captaincy back, but hasn’t let the opportunity pass him by.

– He has become important to us, and he is one of those who have to reach a higher physical level, says Grindhaug before describing with a twinkle in his eye how he resisted Lyseth.

– He’s been “walking around” for 15 months and he got it for free. That’s the case for some people, says the coach wryly in his familiar fashion.

Message: FKH boss Jostein Grindhaug is happy Sondre Liseth is back.  Photo: Mario Buehner/BILDBYRÅN

Message: FKH boss Jostein Grindhaug is happy Sondre Liseth is back. Photo: Mario Buehner/BILDBYRÅN

Back on the football field, the profile will offer everything to experience success with FKH.

In 2021, there were nine goal points. Against Brann, there were no goals or assists, in a game where he felt somewhat rusty.

– I’m at a point where I’m working my way back. I take certain things with me, in addition to the fact that it’s something you have to work with.

TV 2 football expert Jesper Mathisen thinks Leizeth’s return is great news for a team that finished 10th in the league last year.

– The most satisfying thing for Grindhaug is that one of his most important players has endured a decisive game again, says Mathisen and explains in detail:

It’s like bringing in a whole new player. In the dressing room and on the field, he is a leader, and the FKH captain must really stand up to minimize the loss of (Christos) Xavires as little as possible.

The football expert has received reports from Haugesund that the team have been pleasantly surprised by Liseth’s appearance this winter.

– In the match against Bran, there was no doubt that the body seemed to work well anyway. Brann has been so much better that you can’t see what Leyseth or Haugesund offer offensively, but he will come, Mathisen predicts.

See Leseth’s previous score at Eliteserien:

Scary plans

– I want to make an impact on matches again and be someone who can help the team win, which is something you have to work for, says the Bergen native himself.

– What do you expect from Sondre Liseth in 2023?

– I will give everything in every match. Of course, I have ambitions that still remain, even if I grow up, says the 25-year-old on purpose.

To do this, he must be more careful in one particular activity.

– I’ll try to avoid running outside! I’ve been on my feet for a year now and I’ve learned a little bit about what works for the body. It will be interesting to see how it reacts to combating stress, says Leseth.

On Monday 10th April there will be a chance for revenge, when FKH travels once again to Bergen to meet Bran in the first round of the Eliteserien.

You can watch that match on TV 2 Direkte and Play!

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