news, mobile | He warns: – Fortunately the owner has woken up

news, mobile |  He warns: – Fortunately the owner has woken up

– Poisonous gases emitted from a mobile phone are potentially as dangerous as flames, if they catch fire. He says that if you are also asleep when this happens, it is not certain that you will wake up.

Oren shows Samsung’s mobile phone exploded during the night and started to burn.

– Fortunately, the owner woke up from the explosion and was not injured. The quick reaction means that the owner has thrown the bed linen and mobile phone into the water, but made a deep hole in the mattress. It could have been all wrong if the owner hadn’t woken up, he says in a press release from Frende.

Do not leave your mobile phone in bed

There are many people who take their mobile phones to the bedroom in the evening; Some for security reasons, others because they use it as an alarm clock. At the same time, many people think that this is a good opportunity to recharge their phone.

According to the insurer, it’s younger people who most often leave their phones charging at their bedside while they sleep: A new Norstat survey for the company found that as many as 82 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds charge their phones. phones at night, and up to 73 percent in ages 20 to 39.

However, Oren thinks this is not a good idea. Instead, you have to charge your phone instead to You go to bed, because charging at night exposes you to unnecessary risks.

– If you absolutely have to charge, don’t leave your mobile phone in bed. It is encouraged to keep the mobile phone on a surface that cannot catch fire, and unplug it when you are done charging.

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But if the phone gets really hot or you see that the back of the phone is swollen, you need to be especially careful.

– Then I’ll check it out right away, says Orin.

Fortunately, there is technical progress to be tracked.

Many new cell phones and chargers stop charging when they’re fully charged, unlike in the past, where they were constantly charging, Oren says.

He recommends checking and charging the cord regularly. Equipment that changes color, overheating in cables and electrical appliances is a strong signal of a fire hazard.

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