– Surprise – NRK Culture and Entertainment

– Surprise – NRK Culture and Entertainment

Rinestel has been the executive director of the Oslo Philharmonic, where he has been president since 2013.

He is a trained political scientist and classical pianist, and has a museum background as director of KODE’s composers’ residence in Bergen 2011-2013. Among others, Aschehoug has board experience from the publishing house, Talent Norway, VGTV and employers’ association Spectre.

– A drawback

According to Daxavision’s art critic, Lars Elton, the choice of a new director is surprising.

– He stands out as an efficient administrator with clear international experience. But Elton tells NRK that his lack of artistic expertise in a complex organization like the National Museum is clearly a disadvantage.

Marann ​​Enge, editor-in-chief of Kunstkritikk, thinks the choice is strange.

– It is important to a manager that you have knowledge and skills in the field you work in. When you don’t have that, you become more dependent on the people around you, says Where.

Ingrid Rheinstal says she has big ambitions for the national museum.

– First of all, I look forward to getting to know the many talented staff members of the museum so that together we can set the direction for the coming years. I will contribute to further developing and unlocking the great potential that exists in collection, dissemination, public offering, research and commercial activities.

– Some are looking for someone with curatorial experience for the job, what do you think about that?

– is understood to have been discussed. I don’t have a background in art history, but I’ve actually worked in art processes and with art all my life, and I think I have a good foundation to continue this, Røynesdal tells NRK.

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– fair

Art historian Tommy Sorbo says the choice of a new director seems good and prudent.

– What makes you think she has no curatorial experience?

– That would certainly have been an advantage. But it is definitely surpassed by her artistic passion. She brings music with her. She seems to have a personal relationship with art in the broadest sense, Sorbo says.

Peter Snare is a director at KODE

Positive: KODE manager Peter Snare believes a good choice has been made in the new director.

Photo: Dag Fosse / CODE

Peter Snare, director of the KODE Art Museums and Composers House, thinks it’s great. The right choice.

– Ho He has done a fantastic job for both KODE and the Oslo Philharmonic. He in particular has lifted the Philharmonic to wonderful heights and we look forward to working together.

Snare doesn’t care that Rhinestal doesn’t qualify as a Watcher.

The National Museum is full of people with curatorial experience and it will go well.

– A new era

Heading the task of finding a new director for the National Museum was committee chair Maria Moras Hansen. He hopes that the new director will be able to show strong results at the Oslo Philharmonic, both in terms of professional development of the orchestra and meeting with the public.

– Røynesdal is socially engaged and very ambitious on behalf of art, which has the potential to reach far and give a lot of meaning to people’s lives.

Maria Moras Hansen - Chairman of the Board of the National Museum

Managing the process: Maria Moras Hansen, president of the National Museum, is responsible for appointing a new director.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Moræus Hanssen believes in the greatness of the museum, and the work of the museum has grown enormously. That means thinking about leadership a little differently.

– Ingrid’s most important job, and one that she proved she has experience in achieving, is the connection between all the strong professional communities in the museum and bringing it forward. We may want all the knowledge in the world, but it is his ambitious position on behalf of art and culture that has allowed him to impress the board, says Moræus Hanssen to NRK.

Rheinstal will begin his duties as director of the National Museum on 1 October 2023. He will then take over from Karin Hindspo.

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