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If we want to make the movement along the coast sustainable, we must think again.

The map shows the possibility of connecting buildings in the Alesund region. Using the sea more actively, a much larger number can be connected, columnists write.
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So the alternatives aren’t an expensive car ferry that runs only as far as the county’s budget allows, or a speedboat adapted only for those commuting to and from work. The solution is to take advantage of the technological revolution now taking place in the maritime sector, and to create an entirely new coastal movement. Sunnmøre has all the basic requirements to show the way in a blue and sustainable transformation.

Good transportation options are essential to good societies. They make it possible to work together, access goods and services, or simply meet. In Norway, value creation will increase along the coast. Then good communication and attractive coastal communities will be central. How can we create a simple everyday life, where it is easy for you to travel wherever you want?

We are convinced that the solution to communities along the coast lies in new marine technology and marine transportation networks.

We are convinced that the solution to communities along the coast lies in new marine technology and marine transportation networks. There are already many initiatives and more ideas swirling around. It is time to embark on a development that will enable us to make better use of the opportunities that our coast offers. We call it coastal mobility.

What does coastal mobility mean in practice? In the areas near settlements along the coast, you can take small independent ships operating continuously or on request to local centers. Short excursions in sheltered waters are well suited for such boats. Between local and regional centers, zero-emission speed boats will be used. We have to differentiate between trips to get the daughter to soccer training and the parents on their way to work. In order to achieve a future-oriented transportation solution, a network that is much more diverse than what we have today must be created. The goal is to shorten the travel time and increase the frequency so that travel becomes efficient and flexible.

«City package can raise public transport»

We suggest to start with Ålesund. A network of small boats running shuttle traffic between the city center, Skarbøvika and Slinningen will ease vehicular traffic and connect the city. The boat route from the campus and downtown will provide a simpler everyday life for students and at the same time will be an excellent opportunity for NTNU to test new technology and innovation.

Looked at closely, the transport network at sea can be enhanced with good hubs that make it easy for travelers to switch to other modes of transport such as Hurtigruten, car, bus or plane. In addition, they should be supplemented with various door-to-door solutions on the floor. It can be self-propelled cars, bicycles or other means of transportation. With that, we can have a transportation that takes you from home and wherever you go at any time or place.

Sunnmøre has a well-prepared geography, knowledge and business community to lead such development. The sea remains the lifeline and link between settlements and cities. Ålesund is a center of knowledge about the sea and the opportunities available there, where there is a strong and innovative marine industry that has gone a long way in developing the next generation of boats.

Everyone must contribute to the green transformation. We expect the green shift in Norway to be blue. A large part of our nutritional base after oil is based on the sea. Offshore wind energy, the seafood industry, and carbon capture and storage are all areas of work that are emerging as important in the future. All this will happen along the coast.

We will take up this discussion of the speedboat between Bergen and Alesund in light of the Stadt Ship Tunnel

More efficient, sea-based transportation solutions will reduce CO2 emissions2significantly increased gases. Smaller ships with higher frequency and more convenient transportation width will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as will ships powered by electricity, hydrogen and ammonia. Network restructuring will facilitate the use of sustainable technology relatively quickly.

We can make living together, being together and providing a fertile ground for business. We do this with fresh thinking and looking forward. We think it’s a good idea to roll up our sleeves and get started now. Then we can be ready for the evolution to come. It is a short time until we Norway fulfill our commitments in the Paris Agreement. Maybe Sunnmørings can go ahead and show the way?


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