SV leaders want to leave NATO – but not now – VG

SV leaders want to leave NATO - but not now - VG
I’m not ready: No one in the parliamentary group led by the SV wants Norway to leave NATO now. Back from left: Kathy Lai, Carrie Elizabeth Kasky, Birgitte Olen Kerstad, Lars Haltbriken, Freddy Andre Avstegaard, Andreas Sjalj O’Neland, Ingrid Veska, Marian Hussain, Great Wald and Mona Vageras. Front from left: Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes, Audun Lysbakken, Kirsti Bergstø.

Eight SV MPs are against Norway’s membership in NATO. But none of them want to inform Norway of NATO membership now.


Our alternative to NATO is a northern defense alliance, and we will not propose to withdraw from NATO in a situation where the alternative is to stand alone, SV commander Odun Lysbakken wrote in a text message to VG.

he is won’t respond on whether he personally is for or against long-term Norwegian NATO membership. Controversy erupted in the party founded on opposition to Norway’s membership in NATO after a Statement from Oslo SV.

The local team asks the SV to reconsider its security and alliance policy after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

NATO membership has drawn Norway into many failed wars in other parts of the world, and SV continues to be critical of many aspects of US superpower policy. Lisbakken wrote that all parties should now discuss what Putin’s aggressive, illegal and immoral war should say for future security policy, and that discussion will also be taken up by SV.

Not available now: Freddy Andre Ovestegaard and Udon Lisbakken think so.

Nobody wants to go out now

Earlier this week, VG asked all 13 MPs what they thought:

  • One for Norwegian NATO membership
  • Eight bravery
  • Three won’t say what they mean
  • No one decided
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VG asked everyone except Mona Fagerås, who is a member of NATO, if Norway should leave NATO Currently.

– number. Lars Haltbriken, an opponent of Norway’s membership in NATO, says SV does not want to report Norway’s exit from NATO without an alternative.

Deputy Commander – No

Vice-chairman Torger Knang-Felixens, who is also in opposition, does not want the resignation to take place in the short term.

– No, it must first be replaced by a defensive alliance. Scandinavian cooperation has already come a long way and achieved greater impact than, say, Russia in our part of the world, VG told.

Deputy Fellow Kirsty Bergstu agrees:

The SV will replace NATO membership with the Northern Defense Alliance. We need a defense alliance with the most important task of monitoring and asserting sovereignty in our regions. As she told VG, we also didn’t demand a unilateral withdrawal.

Wait: Rep. Torger Knag Felixnes is against NATO, Leader Odun Lisbachen will not respond, and Rep. Kirsty Bergstow opposes it. But none of them want to go out now.

Eight years without NATO leaving

The two deputy leaders receive support from NATO opponent Freddy Andre Ofstegaard:

– I think it will not be relevant until you have alternatives. The SV in our history has not put forward proposals for withdrawal, in part for this reason.

And her rival in NATO, Marian Hussein:

– I said before that the SV never proposed a withdrawal, and we will work for an alternative to NATO. In our program, we refer to the Northern Defense Alliance, as I told VG.

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– If the SV was in the government now, wouldn’t you send a proposal to inform NATO about Norway?

– SV stayed in the government eight years without sending such a proposal, answers Hussain.

Eight years: patient, Marian Hussein points out.

And they get support from NATO adversary Cathy Leith:

It doesn’t seem like a good idea when we don’t have an alternative and war breaks out in Europe. SV is not making any suggestion about it right now. Now it’s been promised that we’ll have a discussion about our foreign policy until next year’s national meeting and then we’ll see what the outcome will be there, she says.

Andreas Sialge Öneland told VG earlier this week that he was open to reconsidering his position, which is that he is against Norway’s membership in NATO. This is his response to Norway’s now ad:

– No, neither before nor now SV proposed a unilateral withdrawal. Our alternative is the Northern Defense Alliance, not a single Norwegian gang.

Wait: A potential NATO withdrawal cannot happen until a replacement is found, Carrie Elizabeth Caskey and Torger Knang Felixness believe.

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And Ingrid Viska, a NATO opponent, says the same:

SV has not proposed a unilateral Norwegian withdrawal.

Like party leader Lisbachen, SV Shooter star and Oslo actress Carrie Elisabeth Kaski won’t say what she thinks herself about Norway’s NATO membership. But she says of Norway’s announcement now:

No and SV has never suggested unilateral withdrawal. Our alternative is the Northern Defense Alliance, not a single Norwegian gang.

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And this is what the third parliamentarian who does not want to reveal his position in NATO, Birgit Olen Kerstad said:

The problem with NATO is not the defensive alliance. We will have it. We want a defensive alliance, primarily in the North, and we should implement that before we make changes.

Unsure: Great Wolde has yet to secure its position in NATO.

Great Wold is the only one in SV’s parliamentary group that says it’s not over yet.

– No, SV has not proposed to withdraw now. Our alternative is the Northern Defense Alliance. Then look forward to a good discussion at the party, she tells VG.

Pressing in separate rows

45 members prayed in one prayer post VG The party to update its security policy.

Today’s party program states, among other things, that:

  • “NATO is not primarily a defensive alliance, is not based on a genuine community of interests and dangerously links Norway to the United States.”
  • “Membership increases the likelihood that Norway will be drawn into great power struggles.”
  • “The rearmament of NATO, its eastward expansion, and the war against other countries have led to increased turmoil in the world.”

Are SV and Rødt ready for NATO soon? Listen to Giæver and the gang here:

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