Sweden with a shocking tip: – Maximum four beers in one evening

Sweden with a shocking tip: – Maximum four beers in one evening

Four beers at a time per month is the maximum amount Swedes should drink before they need healthcare, according to new Swedish recommendations.


Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare on Tuesday introduced new alcohol recommendations for the Swedish population. In the new advice, they have tightened the recommended intake of sweets.

According to the National Board of Health and Welfare, Swedes who drink ten or more units of alcohol per week, or those who drink at least four or more units on one occasion once a month, should get help from the health care system.

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One unit is equivalent to a small glass of beer or a small glass of wine. For women, there is no change, but for men, it means reducing five units per week and one unit on each occasion.

If you drink more than that, it is classified as risky use in Sweden, according to recommendations.

Different for men and women

The reason for the tougher advice for men is that research shows they have a greater risk than previously thought of suffering alcohol-related injuries, according to Thomas Linden, head of the department at the Swedish Health Authority.

– He explains that in addition to the risk of addiction and brain and liver damage, there is also an increased risk of cancer, which is now better identified than in the past, he says. Express.

The recommendation applies to both men and women, but for women it does not constitute a change from previous recommendations.

According to Linden, the reason the limits for dangerous use of alcohol are higher for men than for women in previous recommendations is because women have a higher concentration of alcohol in their blood than men who consume the same amount.

Recommend support calls

This recommendation is part of the new national guidelines for healthy lifestyles, and the National Board of Health and Social Care believes that the advice should serve as guidance within the healthcare system.

“We turn to the healthcare system so that they can be counseled about alcohol consumption for which it is reasonable to provide support, for example through help calls or something else,” says Linden.

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– But individuals must evaluate their overall risks due to various factors, of which alcohol is a part.

in this Scandinavian nutrition tips Which was published in June 2023, it is advised to avoid and drink alcohol to maintain health. The Norwegian Health Directorate recommends that women should not exceed 10 grams of alcohol per day, while men should stay below 20 grams.

The standard unit contains approx. 12 grams of alcohol.


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