Teaching mathematics | I can’t remember the last time I learned something in a math class

Teaching mathematics |  I can’t remember the last time I learned something in a math class

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(Fredrikstad Magazine): I can’t remember the last time I learned something in math class. Instead, what happens is that I manage to stick a complex formula in my mind, so that the last two lines are tested.

After that I will never use it again.

I’m not alone in this. Since elementary school, breaks in math class have been spent complaining about the material and explaining to each other what you didn’t understand.

Some students have more understanding than others, but in the end, everyone agrees; We will never use this.

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On other topics Like gym and science, we learn about diet and health. In English we learn to speak and write a basic language. In Norwegian, we learn to convey ourselves correctly.

However, in mathematics, there is general confusion about what we actually learn. I think mathematics can be a very important subject, if you learn the right things.

Students must learn more On personal finance and less on algebra. Although the topic of personal finance is not neglected, it is certainly not given enough space.

This of course varies from person to person. Some will become mathematicians or engineers. It is therefore important that they get the right foundation for their further studies. But what about others?

I think it’s ridiculous This one is on Music line You must learn the same mathematics as in one Finder line. Students who chose Creative Line did not choose it for mathematics work. Even if they choose the P mat, it is not as practical as it seems. It’s almost as much theory as T, S, and R mathematics.

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I like to think of the school system like a jungle. The task is to climb a large oak tree.

The moose, squirrel, earthworm and bird will now climb the tree. The moose was told he could if he only wanted to. The squirrel gets the highest score. The earthworm falls and the bird is fooled.

This is today’s school system. A prime example of how to kill creativity so you can pump out good workers.

We are so terrible We worry that everyone is the same and should be the same, when in reality we are completely different. I think adapting the mathematics curriculum would be a big step in the right direction.

High school mathematics

Students in high school can choose between several different directions in mathematics:

  • P mat – Practical mathematics with topics from social and practical life:
  • T mat – Theoretical mathematics where you work with equations, algorithms and algebra, among others
  • S mat – Social science mathematics, where it works on integration, modeling and simulation, among other things
  • R mat – Science-based mathematics, where you can, among other things, work with vectors, mathematical proofs and develop algorithms

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