Tears away: – It will be sold quickly

Tears away: – It will be sold quickly

“The trend has also hit grocery stores in the municipality,” he writes. Ostlandets Blad. Lokalavisa visited several stores in the municipality of Nordre Follo and found that there is a growing demand for the popular cheese product from Tine.

Producer Tine reported that TikTok should take a lot of credit for the increased demand, and that a search for “cottage cheese” should result in 920 million visits on the app.

-We see tremendous growth and a clear trend as people demand protein-rich products. Every second Norwegian says that proteins are something they look for when choosing products. Additionally, insights show that consumers want a greater range of tastes and inspiration for different areas of use, says Audrey Delaporte Pedersen Who is responsible for branding at Tine?

Tears away: – Didn’t eat any more

Significant increase in sales

Tayne points out that 14 percent more cottage cheese was sold in August than at the same time last year.

– The cottage cheese trend has definitely arrived at Nordre Follo. Sales rose by 16 percent. These numbers apply to Meny Ski Storsenter, Meny Ski and Meny Nordbyveien. So the increase is much higher than the national average in Mini, Mini’s communications director, Nina Horn Hein, tells Østlandets Blad.

“Every time we go in, it’s sold out the next day,” store employee Andreas tells the newspaper.

-You didn’t eat any more

DinSide has previously written about increasing sales of different types of yogurt. In July, it was Tines Yt yoghurt that took the cake and saw an increase of almost 140 per cent.

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In September, the Dairy Press Office reported that we were not eating more yoghurt at all.

– We’ve never eaten more yogurt than now. The Dairy Information Office (Melk.no) showed a historic result of 31 million kilograms in the first half of 2023. Good innovation explains much of the success, says the press release.

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