Telenor raises prices for dual SIM cards to NOK 99

Telenor raises prices for dual SIM cards to NOK 99

Once again it will be the most expensive in Norway.

It is becoming more and more expensive to purchase an additional SIM card associated with your mobile phone subscription.

Telenor has once again raised the prices of dual SIM cards. Now it will cost you 99 kroner per month if you want to use your mobile subscription on an additional device – a rather big price increase from 37.50 kroner it cost at the beginning of 2020.

Telenor last raised prices for dual SIM cards in April 2020, when it raised prices to NOK 69 per month for individuals, and NOK 69 plus VAT for corporate customers.

However, in the meantime, Telia overtook it in the battle to provide the most expensive services, when Telia raised prices for dual SIMs to NOK 89 last fall.

– When Telia raised prices for dual SIM cards last fall to NOK 89, it became Norway’s most expensive dual SIM card. Now you have set the prices up to 99 kroner and therefore they are the most expensive again – what do you think about this?

– We make continuous evaluations of the prices of our products based on value, cost and competitive image. In this regard, we have now opted to change the prices of the additional sim, Anders Krokan, Press Director at Telenor Norway, wrote in an email.

He also points out that they are making it easier for their customers by offering only one price for the additional SIM card, ie for Dual SIM and Data SIM, and on all their subscriptions.

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– We understand that some may react to the increase, and at the same time we are interested in highlighting the many benefits you get as a Telenor customer. We don’t always promise to be the cheapest, but at the same time it is important to look at the totality of what you get as a customer from us, not the least of which is the advantage of coverage, strength of security, and services included.

We’ve previously heard from the head of rival Happybytes – Thomas Sandecker – that there are no additional costs associated with an additional SIM, other than the production and dispatch of the SIM itself.

But as the number of so-called “free data” subscriptions increases, so too is the use of data by most people. If you put the Dual SIM in a router or tablet where you watch a lot of videos, the data usage will increase rapidly, which in turn will increase the cost of the mobile operator.

Therefore, many mobile operators charge well for dual SIM cards for the largest mobile subscriptions. Chilimobil, for example, offers a bonus card for 59 NOK per month on its largest subscription to Max. Others, like Happybytes, don’t offer dual SIM cards at all on their largest subscriptions. Ice offers a data chip for a nice 29 kroner, but it doesn’t apply to their “Freedom” package, which provides 1,000 GB of data in the Ice network.

Surprisingly, Telenor-owned Talkmore offers dual SIM and data for just 29 kr per month, with no setup cost.

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