Ten new supermodels who will turn heads again

Ten new supermodels who will turn heads again

Scotty Cameron //

Six new Scotty Cameron racquets will be released in March. The last four will be released in May.

For many, Scotty Cameron is the real gem in their golf bag. The Newport model is still included in the new series.

Scotty Cameron has always had the same supermodel appeal. Everyone turns to them, even if we are happy with what we have at home.

Not everything is equally interesting. We would even quickly turn our eyes the other way if the news came with a minor facelift and a sky-high price tag. What’s called Limited copies In limited numbers, there have been more of them lately. And neither the Monoblok nor the Select Jet Set Newport near NOK 8600 were particularly enticing.

But ten new supermodels are hard to ignore.

to new heights

Scotty Cameron is the world’s most famous designer of racquets. And when he’s finally back in action, ditching the glitter, paint, and frills in favor of a more industrial look—all so rooted in science and technology, it’s well worth a second look.

As the name suggests it is Super selection A further natural evolution for the Special Select series from 2020. It couldn’t be easy to improve on an already great starting point, certainly not to make it “super.”

But Scotty listened this time. For professionals, but also for golfers. This is one of the reasons for the simple color choice, freshly milled surface, “plus” models and also a new neck.

According to the master himself, he took construction to new heights.

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New ideas are on the table

– I’ve been making rackets for many years, but as the series hits stores and runs, I’m getting new ideas. There is always room for development. And there is always room to increase the performance and confidence of the players. I want them to sink more punches, Scotty Cameron explains in the press release sent out on Tuesday.

From the studio in San Diego, six models will debut on March 17. Then comes the famous NewportAnd Newport 2 And Squareback 2 in new releases.

In addition, the so-called “Plus” models were released, which will probably interest many.

Newport PlusAnd Newport 2 Plus And Newport 2.5 Plus It places itself in the range between the thinnest bladed putters and the medium-fat mallets Squareback 2.

Four more models will be launched on May 19.

Then he comes Super Select Fastback 1.5, Del Mar. In addition, Scotty offers Jolo– the name again, now with 6 And 6.5 as a property.

The best of both worlds

– I did everything I could so that the Super Select series lived up to its name, and was super, as Scotty Cameron assures.

Above all, the “Plus” models are a novelty here. According to Telelist, the new design should provide “a hammer-like emotion and the stability of a blade-like club”. Mallet patties are the generic term for the large frying pans on the market, while blade patties are the classic thin-blade style. In the Plus series, Scotty Cameron promises the best of both worlds.

At the same time, engineers at the Acushnet-owned company, Acushnet, have found a new way to grind the hitting surface, which should give us the perfect combination of sound, feel, and feedback when hitting the ball. And you can customize a lot for yourself with weights in the toe, heel, and sole.

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So that you and I can also get our hands on a mannequin in exactly the weight category we want.

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