Terje Sporsem is located outside 71°N

Terje Sporsem is located outside 71°N

This year’s season of “71 Degrees North – Norway’s Toughest Celebrities” is coming to an end and now another participant has to say goodbye.

– She’s a good lady

In the final stage, the participants were divided into two teams again. While the Nordkapp team consists of Bilal Saab (24), Maria Stavang (28) and Niklas Dierhaug (36), it is Thierry Spursem (47) and Johan Kelly (26) who make up the Lindesnes team.

In the episode, the two teams meet in a race against each other, where the participants in the winning team qualify directly to the semi-finals.

71 Degrees North Celebrity: Production must intervene during a phase on the fjord. Video: Norway TV
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In the end, it’s Team Lindesnes who draw the shortest straw, and thus Sporsem and Killi must meet in a knockout competition.

LAG LINDESNES: Terje Spursem and Johan Kelly competed against each other on tonight's episode.  Photo: Matti Bernitz

LAG LINDESNES: Terje Spursem and Johan Kelly competed against each other on tonight’s episode. Photo: Matti Bernitz
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– I can tell from him and from me that this will be a difficult stage. “Neither of us wanted to freak out and neither of us wanted to freak out the other, so it felt very weird,” Kelly says in the episode.

Using a map and compass, participants must compete to reach the finish line first, where Tom Stiansen (53 years old) and other participants are waiting for them.

Answers what you wonder

Answers what “everyone” is wondering.

As Killi and Sporsem go their separate ways until the end, you can see that it’s going to be a sensitive journey for both of them. Both teammates were moved to tears, and Kelly says she has become very fond of the 47-year-old.

– It was very surprising when we realized that we had to compete against each other. I think I cried in the first 1000 metres. We have become very close to each other and wish each other all the best in life, Spursim tells Dagbladet.

Impressive: Carolyn Netter asserts herself in the fall edition of “71 Degrees North – Celebrity.” Her ex-boyfriend doesn’t understand it. Video: Red Runner/TVNorge/Discovery+
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In the end, Kelly is the first to reach the finish line, and thus his teammate Spursim has to go home. Although viewers witnessed tears and emotions in the episode, the comedian says there was “significantly more laughter” in reality.

- Terribly unfair

– Terribly unfair

-You end up in a kind of bubble there. We’ve always kind of been. Others have always stood strong, while we have been the underdogs. It’s been a journey. We were really downstairs together, but then we were also really happy together, Spursim tells Dagbladet.

It seems that participating was an educational experience for the comedian, and it is no secret that he was surprised by his performance.

OUT: Comedian Terry Spursim is out of the competition.  Photo: Matti Bernitz

OUT: Comedian Terry Spursim is out of the competition. Photo: Matti Bernitz
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– Maybe I realized that I have more physical strength. And perhaps less so than me when it comes to maps and compasses, he says with a laugh and adds:

– The positive thing is that we saw a lot more of the country than the other participants, thanks to all the detours we took. We have to see every nook and cranny.

cursed: Terry Spursem felt unfairly treated in ’71 Degrees North – Celebrity’. Video: Red Runner
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After tonight’s episode, Kelly, along with the three members of Nordkapp, made it to the semi-finals. The 26-year-old told Dagbladet that she would very much like to continue with Sporsem.

– I didn’t want to lose him. He became almost like my father there. He took care of me and kept my spirits up.

- I don't care

– I don’t care

Kelly says she’s so happy she was able to collaborate with Sporsem.

– The two of us always walked together, so I was afraid of us walking towards each other alone. It was also hard to see Terry cry, it was so heavy.

birthday: Kevin Lauren celebrated his birthday during a taping of “71 Degrees North – Celebrity,” and he received a special birthday gift in the tent. Video: Red Runner/TVNorge/Discovery+
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In conclusion, Kelly says it would be sad not to have the comedian with him more.

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