Tesla is looking for a Nordic Lobby Manager – E24

Tesla is looking for a Nordic Lobby Manager – E24

In the midst of the Swedish strike, Tesla is looking for someone with experience in getting regulatory changes approved.


Tesla Apply now After “Head of Public Policy and Business Development for the Nordics”.

Among other things, the American electric car manufacturer is looking for someone “with a documented track record of making regulatory changes in the Nordic countries.”

Financial Times Mention the ad first.

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Tesla is currently receiving strong criticism from several quarters in the Nordic countries.

In October, the Swedish trade union IF Metall went on strike over Tesla’s refusal to enter into a collective agreement with the union. The strike has since spread in the form of sympathy strikes to other countries and sectors.

Meanwhile, Tesla founder and owner Elon Musk has made it clear that he does not like unions.

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– Legal and regulatory impact

The company is looking for someone who “follows and analyzes relevant legislation and policy proposals in the Nordic countries affecting electric vehicles, autonomous driving and electric vehicle charging.”

– The role is to help ensure that the political, regulatory and economic frameworks in the Nordic countries support Tesla’s mission, the job ad states.

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The company wants someone who “has a passion for Tesla’s mission, speaks Norwegian or Swedish in addition to English and has strong written and verbal communication skills.”

– Significant experience with Nordic law and regulatory influence is essential, writes the company.

You can decide for yourself whether you want to work from Oslo or Stockholm.

E24 asked Tesla on Thursday for comment regarding the announcement. As of Friday evening, the company had not yet responded to the inquiry.

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-Tesla is proud

The company, led by Tesla Norway CEO Axel Tangen, was invited to parliament by the Labor Party at the beginning of December.

“We think the situation with Tesla is so tragic, and their attitudes towards organized working life are so problematic that we are doing this,” said Labor Party union policy spokesman Per Vidar Kgolmoen.

Tesla’s answer to E24 was sent to Labor’s questions from the company itself, signed by Norwegian President Tangen.

“Tesla is proud to be able to contribute to Norway’s transition to sustainable energy, and our priority will always be our customers and employees,” Tangen answered.

It is not clear from the letter whether Tesla wants to meet with the Labor Party or not.

I think it meets the main point

The employers’ organization NHO also extended a helping hand to the company.

– Tesla is not a member with us, but if they want to know more about the Nordic model, they are welcome to get in touch, Nina Milsom, Director of Work Life and Inductions at NHO, told E24.

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In the letter to Labour, Norwegian CEO Tangen wrote that the company believes it is achieving the main point of the Nordic model, because it is voluntary whether you want to regulate or not.

– Tesla does not have any form of global policy towards an organized working life, concludes Tangen.

Tesla CEO and owner, Elon Musk, has done this several times pronounced He is completely against unions. He also called for a Swedish strike.”Madness».

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