Tesla Model 3 Performance – Tesla's new rawhide

Tesla Model 3 Performance – Tesla's new rawhide

(Elbil24): This fall, Tesla revamped its least expensive model, the Model 3, with a fairly extensive facelift. The company replaced half the parts of the car, which was given a tougher, more solid look and a good handful of novelties.

Among other things, interior noise has been significantly reduced, the driving experience has become smoother, rear passengers get better seats and their own screen, the quality and coverage of hands-free talk has improved, the stereo system has become better, the car has got colorful interior lighting and more.

Despite many improvements – the price was raised by just NOK 10,000 when two new versions of the Model 3 were introduced in the fall.

Testing the new Model 3: – Watch and learn, competitors

One was missing

Where Tesla previously offered three versions of the Model 3, the three have been replaced by two new versions – the Long Range and the rear-wheel drive “regular”.

The performance version, which features the wildest performances, has been long awaited, though it has long been expected to finally arrive.

On Tuesday evening, Tesla finally launched the Model 3 again.

The strongest ever

With a combined power output of 460 hp from both engines, the new Performance Edition will be the most powerful Model 3 yet. 0-100 is done in 3.1 seconds, which is two-tenths better than the previous performance version.

New rawhide skins from Tesla

At the same time, let's add that Tesla in the Performance and Plaid models starts the stopwatch after one foot (30.48 cm), so it takes a few extra tenths from a complete stop.

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10 models tested: these are the fastest from 0 to 100 km/h

10 models tested: these are the fastest from 0 to 100 km/h

But the improvement in performance also relates to the sustained effect, which is improved here by 22 percent compared to its predecessor. Maximum power has been increased by 32 percent and torque by 16 percent.

The maximum speed is also 262 km/h.

20″ as standard

In the configurator on Tesla's pages, you can't choose anything but 20-inch “wraparound” tires, and Tesla has now opted for a new setup with wider wheels at the back, as on many other sports cars. It offers, among other things, sharper cornering response and increased stability on the road outside the corner.

Adaptive damping is also new, and Tesla has made several improvements to the chassis – including increased structural rigidity and updated springs, bushings and stabilizer bars. Red brake calipers with Performance brake pads are standard on the Performance Edition.

More to play with in Track Mode v3.  Image: Tesla

More to play with in Track Mode v3. Image: Tesla
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For those who want to play on the track, Tesla's Performance and Plaid versions have given a little extra. Through the Track Mode function, available only on these models, you can, among other things, adjust the distribution of forces on the front and rear axles, and in Model 3 Performance the possibilities are even greater with an adjustment of the handling balance, stability control and regenerative braking.

Special design

For the first time from Tesla, a version of the model gets a different design from other versions, both inside and outside.

The Performance Edition of the Model 3 features different bumpers with a somewhat more aggressive look, changed aerodynamics and integrated cooling ducts. They work in conjunction with the carbon fiber spoiler and rear diffuser to improve lift balance and stability at high speeds.

The 3 Performance model is equipped with proper sports seats with ventilation options.  Image: Tesla

The 3 Performance model is equipped with proper sports seats with ventilation options. Image: Tesla
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As we know, many wanted: sports seats with side padding, which can provide heat and ventilation.

200,000 over the base model

Otherwise, the new Model 3 Performance has a specified WLTP range of 528 km, and the battery can be charged with up to 250 kW of power.

In terms of price, it ranks much higher than the other two options:

Model 3 (rear-wheel drive) (513 km/6.1 s): NOK 387,600
Model 3 Long Range (629 km/4.4 s): NOK 446,990
Model 3 performance (528 km/3.1 s): NOK 589,765

It is therefore a sharp jump in price compared to the other two models – a whopping NOK 140,000 compared to the long-range version. In comparison, the Performance Edition of the Model Y costs about NOK 38,000 more than the Long Range version.

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