Tesla Supercharger: – Will be more expensive as of 4 p.m

Tesla Supercharger: – Will be more expensive as of 4 p.m

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(Elbil24): In Norway, Tesla has 114 charging stations with a total of 1,741 charging points and is therefore among the largest charging operators in this country.

Previously, it was only possible to charge Tesla’s own cars using its superchargers, last year the company opened the possibility of charging cars from other manufacturers – now in the vast majority of stations.

In the latest price tests conducted by Elbil24, it was Tesla that offered the lowest price per kilowatt hour.

Six out of nine reduced prices

One thing to note about Tesla chargers is that they tend to be somewhat more expensive at a certain time period each day. During the summer months, charging at Tesla stations is more expensive from 18 to 22 p.m.

Now the company reports that its chargers have been switched to “winter time” and that the four expensive clocks from 6 to 10 p.m. have been moved to 4 to 8 p.m. It’s in line with where it was this winter.

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The price margin is up to 10 percent compared to the rest of the day. Tesla has individual prices for all of its stations.

– Starting Tuesday, October 24, peak electricity times will be moved to earlier in the day as a result of changing energy prices in the fall and winter, according to a message sent by Tesla to its customers.

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