Test – This is the fastest charging

Test - This is the fastest charging

The NAV Motorists’ Organization has tested how fast electric cars can charge at 80 percent

The test was part of NAV’s annual electric vehicle test, where 31 models were under the microscope.

Cars are driven on the highway at high speed for at least two hours until the battery is below 9 percent. We do this to run the battery warm and thus create the optimum conditions as possible during the charging test. All cars except Tesla have been charged on the Ionity, where the charging station can provide up to 350 kW, Came in the test.

All cars below were tested in the summer of 2022.

At the top we find the Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo. That took 18 minutes and 3 seconds, according to the test. In second place is the famous Kia EV6, which lasted 23 minutes and 23 seconds.

At the bottom of the new test is the Xpeng P7, which took 49 minutes and 57 seconds, followed by the Maxus Euniq6 with 45 minutes and 38 seconds.

Watch the full test with results at naf (External link). Here is also the result of previous tests.

err uniformity

However, Nav believes that auto manufacturers should find a common standard for how to determine charging speed.

– Of the 31 electric cars in the NAF and Motor Electric Vehicles test, the charging time was determined by seven different methods and the charging time was not specified for six cars. This is totally baffling for car buyers, says Nils Soudal, NAV’s senior communications consultant, in a press release.

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The organization believes that if consumers are to be able to compare the charging characteristics of electric vehicles, the charging time must be equalized.

– We think everyone should limit how fast the car they are selling is from ten to 80 percent. Of the 31 electric cars in the electric car test, 14 used this. It’s too bad, Soudal continues.

Easier pricing

Shipping pricing has also been a hot topic lately, but many of them are now Big charging operators switched from minute pricing to kilowatts. That’s something the NAF and Electric Car Association wanted, and it’s something they recorded for the government working on a new charging strategy that will be introduced during the year.

However, the Norwegian Competition Authority does not agree and will not have a regulation in this area. they want to Actors must be able to make the decision for themselves.

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