The accused had rented a house from a known convict

The accused had rented a house from a known convict

This was reported to TV2.

According to combined information from the National Population Register and the Tax Administration, Matapur moved to a related home in Oslo in 2019.

The owner of the house has been involved in several criminal cases in eastern Norway over the years as both accused and accused.

As far as TV 2 knows, the person in question is not involved in a radical religious environment, which PST believes is Matapur.

Feel free to return home

According to TV2, the police are concerned about Matapur’s relationship with the landlord and specific investigative steps have been taken.

Børge Enoksen, a police prosecutor in the Oslo Police District, did not want to share details about the 43-year-old’s circle of friends.

– We will explore all his background history. He tells TV 2 that studies related to housing are also relevant for us.

Enoksen would not answer what specific inquiries they made.

– It is natural to search all the places where the accused lives. But I can’t elaborate on that, says Enoksen.

Janier Mathapur (43) was represented by lawyer John Christian Elton.

– Elton says my client won’t need the apartment for a while and the landlord has no objection to taking it back from the police.

TV 2 attempted to contact the homeowner, but did not receive a response.

Could have helped

Mathapur has been charged with acts of terrorism, murder and attempted murder Shot at random people Friday night in several nightclubs in central Oslo.

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Joan Eric Issachen (54) and Corey Arvid Heswig (60) were killed, and several others were sent to hospital with serious injuries.

Police attorney: Børge Enoksen is one of the external faces of the investigative administration. He keeps the cards close to his chest. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / TV 2

Police believe he was alone in the attack, but they are not clear on whether he got help from others beforehand. On Wednesday, BST’s acting president, Roger Berg, told TV2 They believe many people are involved.

The police for their part will not say this A hypothesis they work onAnd in that sense Madapur’s own interpretation is important to them.

Police have three main theories about the motive behind the crimes: terrorism, hate crime or mental illness.

But, till now he refused to give an explanation. The police, who said that the investigation will be completed, have faced great difficulty It is carried out without sound and pictureThey come in no way.

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