The app turns the iPad into advanced multitasking

The app turns the iPad into advanced multitasking

Shiftscreen is an ingenious applet for the iPad that is very useful if you have an Apple tablet connected to an external monitor.

Be aware of restrictions before shopping

Because what the app does is it lets you move apps in a dedicated app workspace – you can’t move apps as you want in Apple’s own interface, but the Shiftscreen app.

This is where the potential external screen comes in, because then you can move the entire application and thus the new working environment to the big screen and have as many applications as you want and move them around freely.

PDF browser and reader included, more on the way

There’s also another important thing to note: you can’t run the apps installed on your device (note: many of them are on the way); Instead, it offers its own set of apps, such as a browser with the same WebKit engine as Safari, a PDF reader and “system apps” like a calculator. The developer said File, Calendar, Reminders, and Photos apps are on the way.

Shiftscreen should always be on the left side in Split View, “because only the left app can control the screen in iPadOS.”

So yes. There are many Apple limitations that developers have had to be smart about and deal with in the best possible way, but for those of you who hook an iPad to an external monitor, this is a solution that can be very useful until you find a better Apple. One. Solve.

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