The color that should be in your bedroom

Sleep well in blue: According to experts, blue undertones are not a stupid idea to paint a bedroom with.

Have you ever thought that certain colors make you calmer, while other colors might have the opposite effect?


We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, and quality sleep is important for both our mental and physical health, accordingly. Norwegian Directorate of Health.

A bedroom without disturbing elements like light, sound, and technology is often what we think is important for good sleep. But how does choosing bedroom colors affect our sleep? We’ve talked to the experts about what colors you should choose in the bedroom — and what you should stay away from.

One of the most important conditions for a good sleep is that the atmosphere be dark, cool and calm, says Alexander Andersen, sleep therapist and general manager of the «Sleep Clinic».

He says it is very important to have a dark room to achieve the best sleep.

Research shows that all kinds of light, even the little red lights from the TV, for example, make our sleep quality worse, he tells MinMote.

Good sleep: Alexander Andersen, a sleep therapist, says the most basic requirements for good sleep are that the room is dark, cool, and quiet.

He says the lights we surround ourselves with on a daily basis have a negative effect, and have led to a deficit that is perhaps surprising:

We have a lot of artificial light around us and a deficit in the dark, says Andersen.

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– He looks calmer

When choosing a color for your bedroom, it is important to know how you feel about a particular color. It is an individual matter how we perceive color, sleep supervisor Hans Holter Solgel told MinMote.

Look at the color and feel in yourself what it feels like. Don’t just think about whether it’s beautiful or not – what’s your experience with color? The sleep expert asks are you active or calm?

He says that there are some general features which are repeated in a number of colours, some arguably soothing and others stimulating.

Green and blue tones can be calmer, while red and yellow are more energizing.

Color expert and owner of KOI color studio Dagny Thurmann-Moe told MinMote that our emotions are influenced by color to a great extent, and it can change our perception of a room.

Colors affect space and mood to a large extent. We have a whole range of emotions as compatibility with different colors, and they can easily make a room look cozy, elegant, cool, warm, intimidating, safe, depressing or refreshing.

Color expert Dangy Thurmann-Moe says we are very influenced by the color around us.

What colors should you choose in the bedroom?

Research has shown that we sleep better in dark rooms. So we recommend choosing a dark color for the bedroom for those who struggle with sleep. Good colors for a bedroom are dark shades of blue, green, and plum, as well as lighter shades of the same colors and lavender, says Thurmann-Moe.

Designer and interior designer Tone Kroken also highlights blue as a good color choice in the bedroom, precisely because it has a calming effect.

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Choose a quiet palette: Interior designer Tone Kroken loves to use a calm palette in the bedroom.

– In the bedroom, it is good to choose a calm and beautiful color palette, so that you can change the bedding according to the season. If I am going to choose a color for the bedroom, it should be blue, as all shades fit into the bedroom.

Highlights This blue is a huge favorite right now:

dreamy room

When ELLE writer Natalie Helgerud and her colleague decided to renovate their apartment in Torshov in Oslo, she wanted to create an atmosphere in each of the rooms in the apartment.

The bedroom that I wanted to be a dreamy room. For me, it is important that the bedroom becomes a sanctuary where you can enjoy yourself and just enjoy a series or reading a book, says Helgerud.

It all started when she saw a handmade parrot in a shop window in Bursgrunn. The color of the bedroom walls was chosen based on the color of the parrot.

Then I got advice from an interior designer about Cole & Son’s cool sky wallpaper. Then it was very clear to me. I wanted everything else in the room to be blue and white, with gold details. She thinks wallpaper or ceiling color helps create a zen feel.

– It’s actually an indescribable feeling to lie in bed and look at the clouds and the blue sky. It’s kind of like lying on the beach in the summer and watching the clouds go by, Helgerud says, and adds:

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Light blue is a beautiful and relaxing color in the room you sleep in. I have never slept like I do in this bedroom. And even though the room is dark and we have the lift curtain down, you can see the clouds in the dark. It actually makes it easier for me to fall asleep.

The digg bed is alpha and omega, she adds, as well as nice, soft linens—preferably cotton.

Nothing really beats getting up to see the sky every day. It is very unique when the sun comes in through the windows and creates a wonderful light in the ceiling. The light blue color also means that in a way it’s never gloomy to wake up. It truly is a cure for the soul!

You should stay away from this

Experts agree: Dark shades for the bedroom are perfect for sleeping. Blue and green are especially described as being soothing to the body and soul. But what colors should one stay away from?

– Stay away from colors with long light waves. These are, for example, red, yellow and orange. This is especially true for the stronger shades. Light yellow terracotta tones can be very beautiful in rooms like this, but they’re mainly suitable for those who sleep well mainly and long enough, says color expert Dagny Thurmann-Moe.

She says the most important thing to think about when renovating a bedroom is not to get caught up in trends.

Think good sleep and fun in bed straws more than trendy color, she says.


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