The Danes’ Special Story

The Danes' Special Story

There are many indications that our neighbors to the south can soon celebrate an all-out victory in the Tour de France. Many things make the trip there unique.

When you type “Møllehøj” into a Google search field, you get pictures of what looks like an ordinary farming area. On top of a green hill stands a gray millstone.

It is the highest topographic point in all of Denmark. Møllehøj is located at an altitude of 170.86 meters above sea level. Google tells you that this is a “mountain top”. Technology is not quite keeping up. Mountain goats find holiday destinations other than Denmark.

However, Denmark’s Jonas Weinggaard was in pole position when the 18th stage of this year’s Tour de France ended at the Ottakam in the Pyrenees on Thursday. It was the last mountain stage of this year’s Tour. The victory went a long way in securing Vingegaard the overall title in the world’s most famous race.

– It may seem unnatural that a man from Gotland, who has been blown away by the wind and a flat pie, should become so good in the mountains. The boring answer is that he won the genetic lottery, Rasmus Raske-Findelberg tells Aftenposten.

He is a sports editor for the Danish newspaper Berlingske and follows cycling closely. Now the Danes are in the middle of what appears to be a Tour de France victory.

What does Vendelbjerg mean by Vingegaard winning the ‘Genetic Lottery’? The answer is key when explaining the success of the new Danish star.

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However, the 25-year-old’s story is about more. Among other things, a special ability to never give up.

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