The disappearance of a Russian yacht: – Hijacked by pirates

The disappearance of a Russian yacht: – Hijacked by pirates

A yacht carrying three Russian citizens disappeared earlier this week in the Red Sea. Now the captain’s wife on the yacht claims that the ship has been hijacked by pirates.

This was reported by a number of Russian media, today, Sunday, among them linta And RBK.

It was Tuesday night this week when the yacht, named “30 Minutes,” left port in Saudi Arabia. The yacht was due to arrive in the port of Djibouti on Wednesday, but the ship never arrived

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– Did not attend

There were three Russian citizens on board the yacht: the ship’s captain, a sailor and the sailor’s wife.

– They were supposed to arrive at the port on Wednesday afternoon, but they never arrived and did not communicate, says the captain’s wife, Nadezhda Rasina, To Lenta online newspaper.

In recent days, his wife, Rasina, has contacted the authorities in Saudi Arabia and Eritrea, asking for help in the search for the yacht.

– Saudi Arabia controls its waters and says the ship does not exist. But we already know that. The boat is likely somewhere between Yemen and Eritrea, the wife told Lenta earlier Sunday.

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– Search for a yacht

The case was widely reported in the Russian media earlier on Sunday, and the Russian embassy in Saudi Arabia eventually got involved.

– All available Saudi ships are now looking for the yacht, said Andrei Brekhovskik, secretary of the Russian embassy in Saudi Arabia, according to the Online newspaper Izvestija.

In a subsequent interview with the Russian Online newspaper RBK Nadezhda Rasina, the captain’s wife, claims to have received information that the ship has been hijacked.

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– We have received information about the hijacking of the ship, but we do not have detailed information. This information reached Saudi Arabia, and we heard it from them, she tells RBK.

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Set sail from the Mediterranean

Publicly, the Russian embassy came out and said they had no evidence that the yacht was hijacked by pirates.

It is not known who owns the yacht, but that person was not on deck when it disappeared.

Before the ship docked in Saudi Arabia, it had sailed from the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.

The Red Sea separates the African continent and the Arabian Peninsula from each other.

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