Afghanistan, foreign | Warnings of imminent terrorist attacks at Kabul airport

Afghanistan, foreign |  Warnings of imminent terrorist attacks at Kabul airport

– The British authorities said regarding the Kabul airport that there is a continuing and high risk of terrorist attacks.

British, US and Australian authorities are asking their citizens to stay away from Kabul airport after reports of a high risk of terrorist attacks.

Holland, Belgium, Poland, Denmark

Britain’s Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, James Hebby, told the BBC on Thursday that they had “very, very reliable” information about an imminent attack at the airport.

– I understand that this will be met with despair by many people who are still waiting to be taken out of the country, but we are not very careful. Hebe says the threat, without being able to go into details, is very imminent, credible and deadly Sky News.

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British, American and Australian authorities are asking their citizens not to go to Kabul airport for fear of terrorist attacks. The Norwegian Foreign Minister described the situation at the airport as “serious at times”.

Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen told Danish TV 2 on Wednesday evening that it is no longer safe to travel to and from Kabul.

Status is updated.

There is a persistent and high risk of terrorist attacks. Do not fly into Hamid Karzai International Airport. If you are near the airport, return to a safe place and wait for advice, according to updated travel advice from the UK Foreign Office.

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They also say driving to the airport is very dangerous, and point to allegations of people being abused on the way to the airport.

Less and less trips

Thousands of people gathered outside the airport in the hope that they could travel on one of the cheapest flights from Afghanistan. So far, nearly 90,000 Americans and foreigners have been evacuated since the Taliban captured Kabul.

Poland and Belgium are now ending evacuations, France has announced.

Authorities in France say they will no longer be able to evacuate people from Kabul after Friday night.

The European Union and several countries, including Norway, have asked the United States to continue securing the airport after the August 31 deadline, but President Joe Biden insists he will stick to the deadline.

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Sorid: – Danger from time to time

Norway has not issued a specific warning, but it is aware of the threat to Kabul airport, says Foreign Minister Ene Eriksen Soered (H).

She says that Norway has reached out directly to everyone they come in contact with – both Norwegian citizens and others who would like to help when leaving.

The situation around the airport is sometimes dangerous, and it is up to the individual to assess his security situation, she continues.

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Fear of a suicide attack

According to the Guardian, there is a particular fear of a possible suicide attack by the ISIS group, which is an enemy of the Taliban.

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Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said Sunday that the group poses a real, acute, and continuing danger.

On Wednesday, the US State Department released one Warning. US citizens at the airport gates are required to leave the area immediately.

They were also told not to go to the airport unless US officials told them otherwise.

Australia also says there is an ongoing risk of terrorist attacks, and is asking people to move to a safer place until they are told otherwise.

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Islamic State attacks crowds

The Islamic State is responsible for some of the worst terrorist attacks in both Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent years. Civilians are massacred in large-scale bombings against targets where many people congregate, such as mosques, temples, public places and hospitals.

Shiite Muslims in particular, whom the Islamic State believes are heretics, have been the target of the attacks.

Both the Taliban and ISIS are hard-line Sunni Muslims, but they remain rivals and fight each other.

The Taliban have promised a more conciliatory version of their rule from the last time they ruled the country, but most do not trust him and fear it could be bad.

And kill more chaos

Large crowds surrounded the airport and caused chaos and unrest since the evacuation began, as thousands of American soldiers struggle to guard the wall and gates.

Some of those waiting in the crowd hold foreign passports, visas, or residence permits in other countries, but many do not. At least eight people died in this chaos.

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Despite the chaos, the Taliban are refusing to extend the deadline next Tuesday, which they call a red line.

On Wednesday, Turkey began withdrawing its forces, noting that it had abandoned negotiations with the Taliban to continue securing the airport militarily after the United States withdrew its forces.

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