Taiwan – against the plan:

Taiwan - against the plan:

On the one hand, I would describe Pelosi’s travels as a dangerous, military-political adventure.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova writes this cable. She refers to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plans to go to Taiwan.

On the other hand, there is a difference between what happens in dreams and what happens in reality. Zakharova continues that everything that happens in American politics is deeply flawed and surreal.

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During the war in Ukraine, Zakharova repeatedly attacked the United States, NATO and the West for their handling of the war.

It is now seizing the opportunity once again to beat the United States for a long time.

The compass needle is spinning like crazy. All contact with reality is gone forever. All visions are dropped. Zakharova writes that the atomic icebreaker formerly known as the “White House” was washed away long ago on a sandy beach.

Voltage : The ongoing military exercises in Taiwan have led to more tension between China and the United States and Taiwan on the other side. Video: NTB / AP
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– do not play with fire

Tensions between China and the United States are currently very high, and speculation about the trip to Taiwan began shortly after it announced plans to go on a surprise trip to Asia.

China does not recognize Taiwan as a country, and believes that it is part of China. China said it “does not rule out violence” to reclaim the territory.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday warned Joe Biden not to “play with fire” in Taiwan. On Saturday, China conducted a major military exercise against Taiwan.

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