The European Championship in Gastronomy Bocuse d’Or Europe will be held in Trondheim in 2024 – NRK Trøndelag

Christian André Pettersen i Bocuse d'Or

It was announced Thursday evening, at the end of this year’s competition in Budapest.

According to chef Bent Stiansen, it’s great that the prestigious competition has come to Trondheim.

– This is the most important competition in the food industry, and will ensure a lot of interest in the region. He says he’s as big as winning the World Cup in biathlon.

Stiansen, who runs Statholdergaarden in Oslo on a daily basis, is himself in Budapest to judge this year’s competition.

He was the first Norwegian to win the international competition at the Bocuse d’Or in 1993.

Young Bent Stiansen with the man behind the food contest, Paul Bocuse, in 1993, when Stiansen reached the top.


Most Norwegian medals

The international competition is held in Lyon, France every two years. Since 2008, regional competitions have been held in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States.

It is the European competition that will take place at Trondheim Spektrum in 2024.

The top ten of the respective regional competitions, qualify for the main competition.

Norway is the country that has won the most medals in the Bocuse d’Or, among others, five golds in the main competition and five golds in the European competition.

Philip August Bundy and his team participate in Bocuse d'Or Europe for Norway.

Philip August Bundy is the daily creative director at The Bristol Hotel in Oslo. This year he led the Norwegian team to a bronze medal at the Bocuse de Europe.

Photo: Bernadette Szabo/Reuters

The gastronomic capital of Norway

Bocuse’s first European role was in 2008 in Stavanger. Since then, the competition has been held in Geneva, Turin, Stockholm and Brussels, among other places.

According to Bent Stiansen, Stavanger was one of the alternatives this time as well, but Trondheim and Trøndelag were chosen because the area has positioned itself as a food center in Norway in recent years.

The region was awarded the European Food District award in 2022, and Stansen will call Trondelag the gastronomic capital of Norway.

– In Trondheim there are three Michelin restaurants, in addition, there are many enthusiastic producers in Trondelag. The highest quality dining room found here is all over Norway.

It will benefit all of Norway

Because local ingredients are used, Bocuse d’Or Europe will give local food producers a chance to show off. Foodies from all over the world will likely be motivated to make the trip, and so the jubilation is very high among those working to promote Trøndelag’s food.

– It means we did something right, says Kristen Rice, Project Manager at Oi! Food and drink Trøndelag.

– We have good role models in the food industry in Trøndelag and to show that the international environment is also looking forward to Trøndelag, hopefully this will lead to better employment.

Director of Industry, Transport, Environment and Climate in Trondheim Municipality, Christian Dahlberg-Haug, and project manager at Oe!  Trøndelag Food and Drink, Kristine Riise - Photographed during the Bocuse d'Or 2022 in Budapest.

Oi! Project Manager Trøndelag Food and Drink, Kristen Reyes, is in Budapest with the Director of Industry, Transport, Climate and Environment in Trondheim Municipality, Christian Dahlberg-Hoge. They say Bocuse d’Or Europe will be used to enhance the visibility of Trøndelag products.

Photo: Henriette Louise Krogness / Trondheim

Arne Sørvik, general manager of the Norwegian Gastronomy Foundation, believes that Bocuse d’Or’s arrival in Norway will benefit the entire country.

– Norway is already the most winning country in the Bocuse d’Or. Now that the competition has begun in Trondheim, the world’s gastronomic eyes are once again turning to our country, he says.

– This is an honorable mission, and we look forward to displaying Trøndelag products and raw materials from the region.

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