The farm, a duel | Kjell Strand outside “The Farm” after an ax fight: – He was an ax throwing bastard

The farm, a duel |  Kjell Strand outside "The Farm" after an ax fight: - He was an ax throwing bastard

Kjell Strand was frustrated that he had to leave the farm on Sunday.

The fall season at The Farm is in full swing, and participants are wrapping up their Sunday week at the Farm with Sunday’s episode. But when it comes to the end of the week, it is also nearing the end of the adventure for one of the participants when it is time for another duel on Sunday.

And in Sunday’s episode, the stage was set for the third duel of the season, where he chose the first champion as Jill Strand (55) American Robert Michael Scott (53) as his opponent.

Strand clearly showed his dissatisfaction with the American during his stay, and on several occasions on camera he vehemently opposed American labor efforts on the farm.

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Amazed at the opponent’s skills

As the second fighter, it is Scott who chooses the branch in which the two will fight, and the choice ultimately falls on the axe. Although he was so confident in Strand that he would win the fencing, the American was impressed with his throws and sent off his opponent even before he had made his last shot.

– I lost to a much better opponent in that duel. He was a bastard throwing axes, he should have done. I’m done after two throws, I knew this was over, Strand says to Netavizen.

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Strand is open about Nettavisen because he thinks it was too bitter that it was precisely Scott who would have become his overlord in Sunday’s duel. The two established everything but friendship on the farm.

– I thought it was totally on my face to put it bluntly. I’m ashamed of Rob firing me. But again, the axe was very good and I couldn’t have done anything different. Strand says, but I am embarrassed that he is the one who kicked me out.

Almost atmospheric

As mentioned, the two did not develop a particularly good relationship within the courtyard, and even before the duel began, there was a wonderful atmosphere between Strand and Scott.

According to Strand, it all stems from the fact that the two are completely different, and that he and Scott don’t have any kind of chemistry inside the farm.

Rob and I have a complete lack of chemistry. I thought that during his stay, and a little later, he was a clown. His demeanor was completely different from his, and I simply thought he was just a little tolerant.

Strand told Nettavisen that he thinks it’s unfortunate that this year’s Farmen movie will focus more on “characters” who are allowed to show themselves as much as possible, not necessarily the struggle for existence.

For many, it was about showing off as much as possible, creating as much as possible and doing as much as possible to create so much buzz around their person that they would have followers here and there and not have an interest in farming, hard work and how they lived in 1921. For me, it’s a spin.” The Farm” is about hard work and the experience of what it was like in 1921.

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Scott assures Nettavisen that the atmosphere between him and Strand hasn’t been particularly good, and that that has changed a lot in the past week before the two got into the fray.

– Kjell and I didn’t “feel” together, I thought it was okay because then we could go our separate ways. But I always treated him with respect. I might joke a little every now and then, but it wasn’t supposed to hurt anything, says Scott.

He also maintains that he understands that Strand has a lot to say about him, but that he mostly felt sorry for Strand.

“Everyone goes shit,” Sir Scott.

crying after defeat

But even though Strand is defeated by “The Farm” in tonight’s episode, he gets the good news from host Mads Hansen that the adventure isn’t necessarily over.

Because, like the rest of the eliminated participants, he will go directly to the “Torpet” and will have the opportunity to fight on the farm.

The cameras capture what may appear to be an affected Strand who receives a message from the host that the adventure shouldn’t actually end after three weeks inside the farm, but to Netavizin that it was actually something completely different that gripped his feelings.

– I’m not impressed, but I’d rather go together perfectly. It was too much of a defeat for me to be knocked out by The Clown. This was not what it was supposed to be. He told Netavizen that he was the wrong guy who came out.

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