The future is being discussed now – ITavisen

The future is being discussed now – ITavisen

Microsoft's plans to offer Xbox games on rival consoles leaked before the company itself announced the change in strategy.

Will today's console model give way to AI, the cloud, and powerful gaming PCs for enthusiasts?

The leaks had an unusual amount of weight, and quite rightly so: they turned out to be true, but only for a small number of less important games. Along with rumors about games being sold on other platforms, there have been rumors that Microsoft may abandon consoles.

It's unlikely to happen this round (the series consoles are expected to be upgraded this winter, and the company itself has said it will launch a next-gen console), but as recent months have developed, it's not without reason that one could imagine That the company is at least thinking about a different future where local devices are less important and perhaps completely irrelevant as they are today. The company has been ramping up game streaming for several years, but the technology isn't there yet, especially if you're no He has wired home internet. There are also questions about what Microsoft will do in the second half of this year: the Playstation 5 Pro is expected to be faster than the first generation, while the first leak suggests that the new Xbox consoles will only get more storage and better Wi-Fi.

AI is now a real thing, and it's something we've already heard from EA using the technology, while Microsoft is changing its vision, meaning many simultaneous disruptions (including several major job cuts) for a company that has never had much success with AAA games Exclusively owned by Sony.

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Artificial intelligence and the cloud

Peter Moore, who was head of Xbox in the 2000s, believes that all Xbox headquarters around the world are asking themselves very important questions about the way forward, in terms of artificial intelligence: “Like Microsoft with Phil Spencer and Satya Nadella “At the forefront are those who come and ask teams about the future, what is the grand strategy to start with with Azure and AI? What do we do with AI game development? How can we develop games faster, cheaper and with fewer employees? I think these are questions that are being asked now.” .


Even during Moore's tenure, there was talk internally about the future of hardware, including the possibility of implementing the hardware into televisions rather than producing external consoles.

But I think it's a big and important question that's being asked now. I'm sure Tokyo, Redmond, Washington, Kyoto – they're all asking the same thing. Because when you start the new generation, you have to be prepared to absorb billions of dollars in losses. And is the industry, in light of all the layoffs and everything we're going through right now, is the industry ready for this?

Peter Moore, former head of Xbox

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