The Galaxy S24 gets Samsung’s new AI

The Galaxy S24 gets Samsung’s new AI

“Guass” is the name of Samsung’s new AI included in the Galaxy S24 series, which will likely be announced on January 17.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24 have been unveiled

We’ve already taken a look at the “Galaxy S24 Ultra Titanium”, which reminds us of the Galaxy S Ultra series/Note, and not least the Galaxy S24 which is more reminiscent of the iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro.

But let’s go back to “Guass” which will run locally on devices. Running large language models natively is new, not least because it’s also a reason to pump in and invest in new dedicated hardware that can ease the work involved in AI computation.

“The model consists of Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image, and is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, the legendary mathematician who founded the normal distribution theory, the backbone of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the name reflects Samsung’s ultimate vision for the models , which consists of taking advantage of all the phenomena and knowledge in the world to harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve the lives of consumers everywhere.

This could be “Goas”

So, what can Samsung’s AI do? We’re glad it’s tangible, because there’s a lot more that AI systems can do fundamentally — implementing it into products in a way that makes sense is often much more difficult. Samsung says email writing, document summarization, and translations are some of what it can do. Fair enough, but not too surprising.

In addition, Samsung Gauss Image is an innovative image template that can easily create and edit creative images, including style changes and additions, while converting low-resolution images into high-resolution images.


But it’s also vague: “It could also improve the consumer experience by enabling smarter control of devices when integrated into products.”

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