– There is a video I saw that I cannot forget.

– There is a video I saw that I cannot forget.

When will it be enough?

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It’s a video I saw it recently, which I can’t forget.

Two young boys sitting on the floor. Both are gray with dust.

The youngest cannot sit still. His feet shake as he looks around sadly.

The eldest puts his hand on one of the younger’s knees. As if he was comforting and calming him. But it only helps for a short second.

The younger one looks at his hand and sees blood. Show this stress to the elderly. But he himself has bandages around his head and streaks of blood running down his face.

I have no idea who Big boys are. But they are very similar to me.

Now it is More than 4,000 children died In Gaza, according to health authorities there. Auxiliary workers were killed. Health workers were killed. journalist were killed.

No one is spared.

We receive pictures and videos of injured, dead and terrified children on all channels and at all times. Lidinga is present in the morning, noon and evening.

We were helpless Additions all the time. Only then Hamas entered Israel a month ago Brutal killing, rape and hostage taking.

I realized this would cause a big reaction.

And in the weeks that have passed, I’ve seen what that actually means.

Bombs praise. Dead and half-dead bodies are recovered from the rubble.

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Survivors are lying in hospitals, many of them with burns, or without arms and legs.

Journalist Mohamed Al-Aloul lost many of his children in a bombing a few days ago.

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A nightmare for parents in Gaza: thousands of children killed and injured in Israeli attacks

Hamas uses the people In Gaza as a shield. Israel refuses to stop.

They point to a picture of tunnel openings near a hospital. Victory is A hideout for terrorists. according to Al Jazeera It is a tunnel water tank.

Israel says a Hamas representative hid in one of these homes Refugee campso it had to be bombed.

The disgusting phrase “collateral damage” has taken on a new meaning. The question is when is enough. How much collateral damage will occur?

International law Victory countries They are allowed to defend themselves against armed attacks, but this must be proportionate. Civilian deaths and suffering must be limited as much as possible.

4,000 dead babies doesn’t fit into anything.

Layan Al-Baz, 13 years old, survived the bombing but lost her leg.

However, Israel does not face much resistance. In the United Nations, countries sit on the Security Council Firm in their discussions. Should they ask for a break? Or a ceasefire?

While they argue, many children will die.

It’s the shaky one The little boy’s legs in the video are the ones that hurt the most. That shows how afraid he is.

Because my kids get bones like this when they’re anxious.

They get nervous when they get there and hit themselves and bleed.

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I can’t look without thinking: “What if I were sitting there?”

But my children They are never afraid for more than a second. When they get bloody scratches, I wash the wounds and put gentle plasters on them. Hug their bodies when they are restless, until they become soft again.

And it really seems to me that there must be someone around the two little kids in the video as well.


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