“The Hunt” farmer Martin Amundrud made a dramatic life choice:

“The Hunt” farmer Martin Amundrud made a dramatic life choice:

This fall, TV 2 viewers got to know chicken farmer Martin Amundrud (36) well, through the dating show “The Hunt for Love”.

There, the jovial Westfolding is looking for a woman to share his life with, and participating in the program turns the 36-year-old’s life upside down.

On the Checks: Missing his friend makes Martin agree to join “Looking for Love” after his cousin signs up for it. Here he is with his farm suitors, (former) Jeanne-Marie Synerud Hauserbraten, Edun Bjelke Murch, Frieda Emilie Strand, and May Janet Elend. Image: TV2
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– People stop me on the street and want to take pictures and chat. “It’s fun and very positive, but I don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to the attention,” Martin says with a smile.

Se and Hør meet him at the farmhouse in Nevlunghavn outside Larvik. In the field, chickens roam freely, and a herd of Scottish Highland cows graze nearby.

He reveals his secret roommate

He reveals his secret roommate

Here, Martin is busy managing the farm that has been in the family for more than 200 years. It was never the plan to become a farmer, but after 15 years at Toyota, Amundrud knew it was time to make a big change.

“I wanted to do something completely different,” Martin says.

TV schedules: One of this year’s suitors on “Looking for Love” tried to find love on another dating show in the past. Video: Red Runner
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Freedom values

The thought quickly turned into action. Amundrud quit his car job, ordered 750 chickens, built two mobile poultry houses, and started the farm. Three years have passed, and Martin has never looked back.

He reacts to this: - Unlucky

He reacts to this: – Unlucky

-I don’t regret it for a moment. Financially, it might have been better to stay in the job, but in my world, paper money isn’t worth much. He believes that freedom, joy and experience are the most important.

Daily life on the farm and contact with animals and nature gives the 36-year-old much more than any office job ever could. The only thing missing is someone to share life with.

We had a chat with farmer Thomas Steen and Looking for Love presenter Jan Thomas. Video: Nora Skavhoj/Se og Hør.
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That’s why Martin hesitantly said yes, when they called him from TV 2 and told him that his cousin had secretly signed him up for “Looking for Love”.

-I had almost never watched the show, so I didn’t quite know what I was getting into. That way I didn’t have time to panic, he says.

That's how it worked for the couple

That’s how it went with the Jackton couple.

I moved to a tent

After a few quick little dates, the four suitors move into the farm, which becomes a somewhat surreal experience. The protagonist has moved himself into a tent on the farm to give the ladies more space, and admits the whole thing has become an emotional rollercoaster.

– I’ve been through a lot of emotions – I’ve been through everything from stress and childhood to happiness and families. It was a very special experience. It was fun, but also a bit unnatural, he admits.

Clint: Searching for Love is underway, and farmer Martin is afraid to see one thing in particular on television. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Nora Scavhog/Rud Loper and TV2
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Whether he will get a girlfriend is still a well-kept secret.

“At least it was a lot of fun,” the farmer smiles slyly.

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