The Idle Festival, Kamelan | Festival Idol Apologizes After “Camel” Fight

The Idle Festival, Kamelan |  Festival Idol Apologizes After “Camel” Fight

Artist Marcus Kabelo is better known as Møll Mosele “The Camel”, stage dive from Friday’s stage in Friedrichstadt. Three young women were hit on the back/head and had to be assisted by guards during the concert.

It informed Fredrikstad Blad Friday night.

– Kamelan jumped out in the last song. The crowd cheered for the event. But when the girls got to the field and didn’t get up again, it got pretty quiet. And while this was going on, many people were taking pictures on their mobile phones, said a photographer of the newspaper who witnessed the incident.


Idyllfestivalen Nettavisen says there is no “stage” allowed at the festival.

– No, it’s not legal, but things can happen. Artists live their own lives. We are separated from what he did. On behalf of the Ediil Festival, we apologize for the incident, festival director and general manager Terje Olsen tells Netavisen.

Attempts by the online journal to contact Kamelan through his manager were unsuccessful.

Women were assisted by health workers. Everyone is fine, Olson reports.

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Chaos during Kamelan concert – stopped four times

– Perhaps we can return to him

Did Kamalan or the group contact Idol Festival after the incident?

– I am not familiar with it. A lot of people work here, so they probably did. We reached out to him and his team.

The festival manager says around 20,000 people attend the festival every day.

Unfortunately, things happen that we are not happy about.

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There were no injuries when Netavisen spoke to him at 12.00 am on Saturday. Today’s challenge is water supply.

– Now we are working hard to catch water.

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Kamelan accused the rapist after filming him

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Camel said: Will not cooperate with police

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