The launch of “Payday 3” went wrong

The launch of “Payday 3” went wrong

( “Payday 3” was released last week, but not everything went according to plan for Swedish studio Starbreeze.

The game has been plagued by major network issues, and players have complained of long queues to get into the game – even when playing alone against computer-controlled opponents.

The game cannot be played if you are not connected to the Internet and on Starbreeze servers – which are experiencing difficulties.

This means the game is now available on Steam and has been flagged with “mostly negative” user reviews, with nearly 70 percent of players liking the game.

“Imagine waiting an hour and ten minutes and still not being able to get into a private game,” Decoy Felinferno wrote on Steam.

– How do you release a game that no one can play? Ender wrote that this stupid online-only nonsense is literally unplayable.

– Payday 3: Main Menu Simulator, writes another sarcastically.

Or as hoggZ wrote: “You can’t spell it.”

Starbreeze said it was working on the issues, but now it’s going one step further — CEO Tobias Sjögren wrote on Twitter/X that they may drop the internet requirement.

– We apologize that the infrastructure has not held up as well as we thought, and although it is not possible to prepare for all scenarios, we must improve it, Sjögren wrote.

-We have reported that the team is looking into the possibility of adding some sort of offline mode.

This article was written by our sarcastic advisor Segata Sateru, and is therefore made from bamboo only.

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