How to play “Baldur’s Gate 3” with eight players online

How to play “Baldur’s Gate 3” with eight players online

( “Baldur’s Gate 3” launched with great fanfare, and now mods are also coming from fans like pearls on a string.

One of the most ambitious is now available from Code fickle Herring watch On Nexus Modsand allows players to have up to 16 characters in their “collection” at once – up from the normal four.

You’ll also be able to start multiplayer with a total of eight players now, which is double what the game was at launch.

However, there are some technical flaws that remain.

Here, five characters are inside at the same time.

For example, some sequences won’t work quite as well as they should, since they’re coded for four players – but there shouldn’t be a risk of something so bad happening that you can’t finish the game.

If you want to continue your save file with more than four players, you must start a new lobby, set it to eight players, and then start a brand new save file. Then you can upload your old save file.

Herring watch He points out that the game is unbalanced for eight players, so it might feel a little light.

The mod is only for the PC version, and it should work on Steam and GOG versions.

This article was written by our satirical consultant Segata Sateru, and therefore only bamboo.

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