The leaks show a more offensive and aggressive side of Zelensky

The leaks show a more offensive and aggressive side of Zelensky

While Volodymyr Zelensky appears mostly sane and disciplined despite Russia’s brutal war, intelligence documents show Washington Post Gaining insight, the president has considered responding more forcefully — also on the Russian side of the border.

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Behind closed doors, Zelensky is said to have considered, among other things, attacking targets in Russia and occupying Russian villages in order to be stronger in any negotiations with the Russians. Enraged, he is also said to have called for blowing up an oil pipeline between Russia and Hungary.

The information is from hitherto unknown messages intercepted by US intelligence that later formed part of a vast leak that was mentioned several times earlier this year.

Speak in emotion

In some cases, Zelensky is the one holding back ambitious subordinates, while at other times it is the chief himself who proposes risky military operations.

The Pentagon did not deny the authenticity of the leaked documents. In an in-depth conversation, the intelligence officials said that the statement about blowing up the Druzhba oil pipeline to hit the Hungarian industry was made while Zelensky expressed his “anger against Hungary and therefore could make exaggerated and meaningless threats”.

Hungary is a member of both the European Union and NATO, but Prime Minister Viktor Orban is considered one of Europe’s most pro-Russian leaders.

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I got British cruise missiles

When the Washington Post asked Zelensky in an interview in Kiev if he had hinted at launching attacks to occupy parts of Russia, he dismissed this as fantasy, but reserved the right to use unorthodox methods to defend his country.

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Britain this week became the first country to grant Zelensky’s wish to have long-range weapons systems. The British are said to have received assurances that the cruise missiles will not be used against targets outside the internationally recognized Ukrainian territory.

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