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Moss kommune

In short, there was work on E6 near Moss where the fence was replaced. Then you drill very far, and here I was able to drill directly into our fiber cable, says Telenor’s Director of Coverage, Bjørn Amundsen.

Faller, Rady and Moss at Ostfold were all affected by the accident. It also affected the coverage of those who drove through the area.

Telenor’s director of coverage, Bjørn Amundsen, says that correcting the error will take longer than initially expected.

Photo: Elizabeth Sandvi/NRK

The area most affected is the Vaaler region, towards Svendal, says Amundsen.

The impact of the fiber cable outage on the telephone and Internet coverage in the region.

Telenor lost contact with 12 base stations, but on Monday afternoon, 10 of the base stations returned.

The mobile network is working again

Amundsen says the mobile network is up and running again, but it’s a large-scale task that takes time. Meanwhile, Telenor has found backup solutions.

– The road must be partially blocked during excavation and the damaged fiber joint is obtained.

The mobile network returned to Moss, Valer, and Rady. Fortunately, we found other fibers and forwarded them so that we got the mobile network up and running much earlier than initially thought.

Rv 19 via mos

The fiber cable break is said to have occurred on a stretch between Mossporten and the Moss Center.

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The fiber cable was damaged in several places, hitting Moss, Fuller, and Rady. Amundsen thinks there may be several reasons for this.

Diggers that dig where you shouldn’t and dig for fibers is a bad idea. In this case the whereabouts of the fiber cable had to be clarified beforehand, but that’s something we’ll have to take with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration afterward.

– Hopefully it will come back again during the night, it is no big deal now that the mobile network is back up and running again.

There was a break in the fiber cable between Mossporten and the Moss Center.

Tilia hit earlier this fall

This is not the first time that many people are affected by a fiber cable break due to excavation work.

Earlier this fall received Thousands of Telia customers are experiencing Internet and TV problems After five cables were destroyed while excavating E6 at Sarpsborg.

At the time, it also affected large parts of the former county of Ostfold.

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