The NASA Space Telescope has taken pictures of 50 young stars

The NASA Space Telescope has taken pictures of 50 young stars
Amazing: The starlight visible in the images should have already left the region where the stars reside 390 years ago, according to NASA researcher Eric Smith.

NASA is celebrating its one-year anniversary with absolutely stunning images.


the largest and most powerful telescope in space, James Webb Space TelescopeJames Webb Space TelescopeA space telescope doing infrared astronomy.snapped pictures of 50 child stars the moment they were born, he writes AP.

It’s been a year since the space telescope began taking cosmic pictures in space.

NASA celebrated its one-year anniversary by showing off stunning images that captured 50 young stars in a cloud complex 390 years away.

One light year corresponds to about 9.7 billion km.

— it serves as a glimpse of what our system would have looked like billions of years ago when it formed, NASA program scientist Eric Smith tells the Associated Press.

On Christmas 2021, the telescope was launched into space from French Guiana in South America. It cost $10 billion to build AP.

Floating around: The telescope floats in space with the help of an Ariane 5 rocket. Here from launch on December 25, 2021.

The Associated Press describes the region of space in which the stars reside as “relatively small and quiet, but filled with luminous gas, jets of hydrogen and even thick cocoons of dust with the subtle beginnings of more stars.”

All young stars look no bigger than our sun. Scientists said the stunning image provides the best clarity yet for this short stage in the star’s life, according to the news agency.

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