The red card changed everything when the Vikings won an exciting match of seven (!) goals against Molde: – the hardest I’ve been through

The red card changed everything when the Vikings won an exciting match of seven (!) goals against Molde: – the hardest I’ve been through

Molde – Viking 3-4 (3-1)

The stage was set for a permanent settlement at the Aker Stadion when the Viking table trees met the table of Five Moldes. And what a wild confrontation.


He secured his first goal in six months

13 hours ago

Molde led 3-0 at one point against the Stavanger team, but Sidis showed crazy spirits.

Vyton Berisha could finally cheer up the visiting Vikings’ supporters when he scored the Vikings’ fourth goal in an adventurous home victory against the last champions of Norway.

– I think we started insanely well and had complete control and then got three in the bag without fully understanding what was going on. We get a score before the break there and we know we have nothing to lose. We know we’re an insanely good football team and we said we’d just run. At least we have to draw, and then finally get the victory. The team showed crazy morale, the match winner Discovery said after the match.

Viking coach Bjarte Lunde Aarsheim was incredibly happy after the recovery.

– It’s the hardest thing I’ve been through. It was a very special match. I think we were very good in the first 15 minutes of the game, we also go into the second half and fall a lot behind. The Vikings coach said after the match that there was a belief in the existence of this locker room.

At the other end of the scale was the head of my dynasty Erling Mu.

Very weak from us in the second half. We play it too easily, and we get too low and passive. We seem to be deceived into thinking things are in the box and this is very frustrating.

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Finally for Brynhildsen

It was a touch and a feeling of openness at Aker Stadium in the first 10 minutes, with Viking much more intense than the hosts. But that was until my master appeared to the hosts at Aker Stadion.

Former Vikings player Christopher Haugen came to the post on the left. This post was great, and it ended with Ola Brynhildsen. The striker’s finish was hampered, and on the return Marcos Casa appeared and sent the guests up front.

Immediately after the goal, Villvar Vittavatne almost equalized. A superb save by goalkeeper Samuel Kari Fridjonsson in the 70th minute kept the visitors in the game after Karlvøm’s shot from the left flanked with a real cannonball.

Then I sat again for a generator – and finally I sat down with Ola Brynhildsen.

Haugen won the duel after a corner kick from Eikrem. The ball landed in Ola Brynhildsen’s court who doubled the score for the last Norway champion. What a ketchup effect!

Ekrim and Hogen lined up to shoot a free kick from 25 meters. Ekrim got the contract. The shot went into the goalkeeper’s corner – but Gunnarsson started the journey to the second post and was without a chance when the ball went into the corner. The Icelander must wear his mantle. The goalkeeper’s mistake dropped his corner like this.

Watch Ikrim’s recording in the video below:

Wolf Ecrim with a brilliant free kick scorer

Scored – substituted in the first half

After the goal, it was clear that the Vikingspillar players lowered their tempo and became more defense oriented. group at the bottom.

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But for a football match. Two minutes later – with half an hour into the match, there was a net rush of the guests.

The Vikings came quickly on the right side. Fitton Berisha rolled the ball to Christopher Löckberg and there it was completely open in Molde’s defence. Løkberg’s got all the time and expansion world in shorthand. The game has begun!

Viking made one double change during the break – and went from 3-5-2 to 4-3-3: Lunde Aarsheim said about the changes that left Løkberg out of the scorer at the break.

The case continues during the video.

Meeting a sick fan at birth sets the record straight for Hollande Andersen

Red card

There were no immediate indications that it was a stroke of genius, but a few seconds after the match clock was up, it caught fire.

The Vikings attack first from the left, before rolling to the right. Fredjohnson receives the payoff from saving Carlstrom. The shot was in a good direction, but was blocked. The Vikings shouted at their hands – and referee Huggins endorsed them. Penalties for the Vikings and the red card for Tiedman Hansen.

Berisha stood up and was confident in her cause. 3-2 and the whole fire in the tent.

The Vikings pressed after the expulsion – and received the reward. Twenty minutes before the end of the match, Cipolunsen plays Harald Nielsen Tangin. Lysluggen might be surprised that he got plenty of time and space to finish the 16m to Molde, but thanks, he bows out – and sends that finish into the net masks farthest in the tallest position behind Karlstrøm. 3-3 with twenty minutes left!

The deflection process is real

Viking continued to run the match. Long attacks from side to side to pull Molde’s defense out of the formation, and seven minutes before the end counted again. Sondre Bjørshol hit a great post. Capran won the duel, but the ball passed through Linnes and was free inside the penalty area. Of course, it was Vyton Berisha who stood at the end of it and sent the Vikings up 4-3 with a good finish. In order to develop – to transform – for a football match!


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