The series “Dummedag” won the Cannes-NRK Culture and Entertainment Prize

The series “Dummedag” won the Cannes-NRK Culture and Entertainment Prize

“Dummedag” won Best Screenplay in the “Long Format Series” category at Canneseries Tonight.

This was confirmed by NRK Entertainment Editor-in-Chief Christina Rizk Resar in a text message to NRK.

Screenwriter Christopher Pahl was called upon to accept the award.

– When I realized that we were the ones who received the award, I felt very upset “I'm shaking in my legs and I feel very sorry that I didn't write a letter,” Bahle says over the phone from Cannes, laughing.

An excited group in the hall before the awards ceremony begins. From left: Alexander Herstal, Christina Rizk Risar, Christopher Bahl, Erlend Westness, and Jakob Schoen-Andersen.

Photo: private

He gave a speech before Michael Douglas

Canning factories, or Cannes International Festival Series As its full name is, it is an international television festival that showcases and honors series around the world.

The ceremony was attended by a number of international stars, including actor Michael Douglas. He plays the main role in the series “Franklin”, which was shown at the closing ceremony.

– I have followed the Cannes Film Festival before, and it is strange to suddenly be part of an international awards ceremony.

“Imagine having to talk to Michael Douglas in the hall,” Bahl continued.

Director Erlend Westness and co-star Jacob Schoen-Andersen during the Canneseries Festival in April 2024. They pose on the red carpet and interview members of the press.

Director Erlend Westness and actor Jacob Schoen-Andersen on the red carpet during the Caniserie Festival.

Director Erlend Vestnes during the Canning Expo in April 2024.

Director Erlend Westnes is interviewed for Red Runner.

Cengiz Al poses during the Canning Expo in April 2024

Genghis Al standing on the red runner.

Christopher Bahle, Erlend Westnes, Christina Rizk-Ressar, Alexander Hersthal, Charlotte Frogner, Jacob Schoen-Andersen, Christine Gründsen, Henrik Mustad, and Sinkez Al.

Screenwriter Christopher Bahle, director Erlend Westness, NRK Entertainment editor-in-chief Kristina Rizk-Ressar, and producer Alexander Herstal with Charlotte Frogner, Jakob Schoen-Andersen, Kristin Grandsen, Henrik Mestad, and Sinkez Al.


The series “Dummedag” competes with seven other series in the Cancers TV Festival.


“Dummedag” is a post-apocalyptic comedy where humanity is in danger of being wiped out by a brain virus that makes people dumber.

Six people survive, and the fate of humanity depends on these six people and the choices they make.

The series is written by screenwriter Christopher Pahl, director Erlend Westness, and producer Alexander Herstal.

The film “Damidag” competed with seven other international series during this year's festival.

Charlotte Frogner, Jacob Schoen-Andersen, and Henrik Mestad "Stupid day"

Charlotte Frogner, Jakob Schoen-Andersen, and Henrik Mestad in “Dummedag.”

Photo: Lars Olaf Dybvig, Seefood/NRK

NRK Entertainment Editor-in-Chief Christina Rizk Resar is proud “Dummedag” won this award.

– Erlend Westness, Marit Vallier and Christopher Pahl had the idea for this funny and clever series that was very well received here in Cannes. “Seefood has created an outstanding series that is incredibly well produced!” says Seefood.

Star Team

“Dummedag” consists of an excellent team of shoe players.

The cast includes, among others, Jakob Schoen-Andersen, Henrik Mestad, Charlotte Frogner, Cengiz Al, Kristen Grindsen, and Eli Müller-Osborn.

Charlotte Frogner, Jakob Schoen-Andersen, Kristen Grindsen, Henrik Mestad, and Cengiz Al during the canneries in April 2024

Shoe players Charlotte Frogner, Jakob Schoen-Andersen, Kristen Grindsen, Henrik Mestad and Cengiz Al.

Photo: Camilla Canalini/Canneries

This is the seventh time the canneries have been organized.

In 2023, “Muqta” won the award for best series and best music.

In 2021, the comedy-drama series “Jordbrukerne” won two awards for Best Comedy Ensemble and the Youth Award for Best TV Series.

In 2018, NRK's ​​series “Lykkeland” also won Best Screenplay and Best Music.

You can see “Dummedag” in NRK TV.

10.04.2024 at 21.31

10.04.2024 at 22.58

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