The shocking rulings show why so few women dare to report abuse in Norwegian honor cultures

The shocking rulings show why so few women dare to report abuse in Norwegian honor cultures

In August, police raised the alarm that abuses in minority communities were flying under the radar. Professionals believe that there are great dark personalities. According to the researchers, the consequences of telling can be very significant in honor cultures. Victims who humiliate the family risk being distrusted, ostracized, married to their abuser, or, in the worst cases, killed.

But few of these cases end up in court. What do the stories tell of the provisions that actually exist?

Situations that would bring shame on the family will be stopped

Aftenposten reviewed all rulings relating to domestic violence, incest and sexual crimes against minors in Norway’s seven largest district courts over the past three years. This applies to 478 district court rulings.

In 33% of these cases, the defendant had an immigrant background.

Aftenposten Today can document that some extended families follow women who report domestic violence to the courtroom. They want to stop cases that would bring shame to the family.

Signs of honor killing

What happens in families characterized by a culture of honor? Aftenposten looked for clear signs of honor killings in the sentences.

We identified 27 such provisions.

Most of these 27 cases relate to domestic violence. The 27 provisions show the extent to which victims in these settings are required to notify the police and child protection:

  • Women and children They are exposed to violence and abuse. The motive is to protect the family’s honor.
  • Many persevere and live with abuse for decades. The interface has been maintained For fear of consequences and loss of honor.
  • extended family Try to resolve matters internally rather than going to the police.
  • Many of them are accused of honor crimes Or that something serious could happen to family members if they spoke to the police, school, or child welfare.
  • The extended family tries to keep serious abuses out of the legal system When the case ends with the police. Victims are pressured to withdraw reports and not testify in court.
  • Those who nevertheless warn, Outcast from family and environment. For many of them, the threats continue even if the husband is convicted.
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The topic is very taboo but these 27 rulings show what happens in families with strong social control.

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